The band mixes Afro Brazilian traditional music with lots of other rhythms creating an interesting fusion of powerful vibrant sounds. The repertoire is usually in Portuguese with Yoruba and Capoeira elements.

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From Galas, Melas and Festival's around West Yorkshire, Dewsbury to stages around the world. Yes I'm doing it!,

England has been the platform for many of my musical adventures since I landed in the Terra da Rainha (Google that!)  To celebrate 21 years of summer in United Kingdom the multinstrumentlista and singer claudio kron do BRAZIL aka PAPAJACA are releasing the new album


BRAZINDIAS is completion of songs from my childhood to the grooves I create today!  With various genres rhythms, melodies and lyrics in brazilian portuguese that embellishing  the world music formula. The music is very diverse rhythmically with traditional brazilian instruments embedded in african and indigenous roots.


PAPAJACA - BRAZINDIAS is the 3rd album of the artist who with the core members of the band creates the vibrant and soulful music.  With bass power riffs from Kenneth James Higgins, Guitars from Craig Scott and Julian Socha. The album was recorded with the music producer Grant Henderson ( Loom Studios Yorkshire).   In these album I had the privilege to work and collaborate with the world class musician you will find in United Kingdom

RECORD LABEL: Shove It Up Your Cult, James Lee Brown


Powerful music with majestic bass lines by Kenneth James Higgins/UK,Jamaica, Craig Scott/Scotland) (electric guitar), Julian Socha/UK/Gypsy ( acoustic guitar) + the musician guest Jocob Maskell-Key/China/UK on drumkit + vocal and exotic percussion. The album BRAZINDIAS - Is a catalogue of intricate rhythms from Funk to Afro, Classic to Disco, Samba to Reggae, a Brazilian version of Ska +++ Traditional stuff,....




PAPAJACA -  Has collaborated to create BRAZINDIAS with the best musicians around the world EG:From Brazil: Alba Cristina aka Ia Darabi (vocal) Nadino do Acordeon (acordeon) Solene Reis (vocals and backing vocal’s) Jack Warlop (piano) James Lascelles (dulcimer, melodica, keyboards) Leroy Johnson (keyboards and guitar) Wiyaala ( feat. Vocals), Omar Puente (violin), Enrico Marchesi (trumpet), Paul Green (mandolin), Tom I’anson (trombone) Andy Cox ( Clarinet) Vijay Venket (flute)


Loom Studios/Yorkshire/UK with music producer guru Grant Henderson 


In Brazil with Fernando Guimaraes at 878 Estudio in Itabuna, Bahia my native indigenous town.

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Naldino do Acordeon
Omar Puente
Vijey Venkat - Flute (INDIA)
Leroy Johnson - Guitar And Keys)
Alba Christina - Vocal (BRAZIL)
Julian Socha - Guitar (UK/GYPSI)
James Lascelkes
Paul Green
Tiano & Raphael
Tiano & Raphael



Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music/lyrics

Jobert Michel Gaiger - Peom structure 
Kenneth James Higgins - BASS 
Craig Scott  - GUITAR 
Julian Socha - GUITAR 
Grant Henderson  - Drum Kit 
Enrico Marchesi – TRUMPET
Vijay Venkat - FLUTE
Claudio kron do BRAZIL - Pandeiro, berimbau, congas, surdos, calabash, xequere, timbales, timbau, efeitos 


Brazil was discovered by accident by Portuguese Pedro Alvores Cabral and the Spanish Christopher Colombus when the great navigators set off from Europe to go precisely to India in Asia in search of spices EG: paprika, coriander, cumin etc. The ship changed direction going in the opposite way arriving in Porto Seguro, Bahia.  The indigenous was already there wearing urucum, what’s knowing as cucum in India. This is based on true history, the rest is just tales,…

(Genre: FUNK with Afro)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music version
Joao Veloso - Lyrics 
Kenneth James Higgins  -  BASS 
Roy Johnson  - GUITAR/KEYS 
Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Drum kit, berimbau, congas, triangle surdos, calabash, xequere, timbales, timbau, efeitos 


Is about taking the blame by ignorant people

(Genre: Reggae/ Samba Reggae)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL - Music/lyrics 
Kenneth James Higgins  - BASS 
Solene Reis – feat VOCAL 
Omar Puente - VIOLINS
Nadinho do Acordeon  - ACCORDIONS  
Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Violao, drum Kit, pandeiro, calabash, xequere, zabumba, timbau, efeitos


In Brasil we have an event that reminds me of Guy Fox with lots of bonfires and fire works to celebrate the life and death of San Juan Baptist with lots of traditional food, drinks and traditional dance. The event has it’s British influence. When the British and Germans started to build the first railway tracks in Brazil they use to get all the workers to celebrate in an event for all, as the Brazilian had a difficulty to pronounce the letter R the pronunciation become FOHO and FORRO become one of the greatest traditional movements to celebrate Brazilian culture.

(Genre: Forro Music)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music/lyrics 
Kenneth James Higgins - BASS 
Omar Puente - VIOLINS
James Lascelles – Dulcimer 
Jack warlop – Piano
Vijay Venkat - FLUTE
Claudio kron do BRAZIL - pandeiro, cajon, calabash, xequere, tambor d’gua, efeitos


About nature, day, sea, water, fauna, flora love and northern lights

(Genre: Classic Afro 6/8)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music/lyrics 
Kenneth James Higgins - BASS 
James Lascelles - DULCIMER
Tom I’anson - TROMBONE
Claudio kron do BRAZIL - Guitars, drum Kit, bongo, congas, calabash, xequere, timbales, efeitos


Liberdade mean freedom, freedom to our people freedom to our minds

(Genre: Galope = Brazilian Ska)



Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music/lyrics 
Ya Darabi / Alba Cristina - feat VOCAL
Kenneth James Higgins - BASS 
Paul Green –   Feat Mandolin
Andrew Cox –   Feat Clarinet
Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Violao, surdos, alfaia, gongue, campana, agogo, calabash, xequere, timbales, efeitos 


This is a very dear song to me: When I was 15 years old my dad give to me and my sister a piece of land, in our absent he sold it. Then back from my travels in Sao Paulo I asked my daddy what’s happened to our land? He told us that he sold it!  So I asked KD?  KD Which means where is it?  Where is my land?.  KD minha Terra?  I quiet like the fact that he sold it this may avoided me to be there now looking after chickens and pigs.

(Genre: Maracatu)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL  - Music/lyrics 
Kenneth James Higgins - BASS 
Craig Scott – GUITAR
Julian Socha - GUITAR
Jack Warlop - KEYS
James Lascelles – MELODICA - Feat
Grant Henderson - drum kit
Claudio kron do BRAZIL - Congas, calabash, surdos, xequere, timbales, efeitos


Is very metaphoric the song is about greed and freedom

(Genre: Disco and Samba Reggae)

Claudio kron do BRAZIL – POEMUSIC – Berimbau de lata, Berimbau gunga, Calabash, Talking drum, tambor d’gua, xequere, congas, surdos, campanas, reco reco, xapa de metal
Wiyaala – VOCAL


A pray for the Ialorixa ( Mother Darabi ) a Homege to the Orixas: Oxossi, Xango and Ogum.

(Genre: Afro)



Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Music/lyrics
Jack Warlop – PIANO
Tom I’anson – TROMBONE
Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Violao, garrafa, pandeiro, surdos, atabaque, tamborim, agogo, repique de mao, reco reco, ganza


About unwanted friendship and been apologetic for it.

(Genre: Bossa / Samba)


Apito, pandeiro, repenique, surdos, tamborim, agogo, caixa, campana, tambor falante, china boy.


Instrumental samba with some Africans instruments to give the touch from the sounds of mama Africa. (

(Genre: Samba Erredo + Afro 6/8)


Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Music/lyrics, berimbau, gunga, medio, lata, pandeiro, atabaque, agog, guiro, calabash, congas, 
Tiano Jae – VOCALS
Raphael Moari – VOCALS


The diaspora movement brought many African nations, tribes, people, rituals, cradle to Brasil, This poem is the reflection into the African people who nowadays describe themselves as Afrobrazilians.

Recorded at


produced by

Grant Henderson and Claudio kron do BRAZIL

Duda Muleque

Bahia and Sao Paulo, celebrating the best of brazilian music and grooves!  Performance including elements of organic percussion. Previews show: DrumCamp, Grand Arcade in Leeds

Recording and playing together

Seckou Keita

Since 1997 in the fields of Tribe of Doris, Ace (African Connections Explosion) when I first met Seckou we develop a great friendship as every year we meeting together sharing aspects of our culture Senegal and Brazil. In 2008 I invited mr Keita to participate in one of my tracks he kindly said yes!  We recorded “Preto do Gueto” with Seckou playing Kora an singing vocals in my native language Portuguese.  The music was recorded in Leeds at Hall Place Studios engineered by Julian Hall plus my grand pal Kenneth James Higgins on extraordinaire bass powerful grooves. The music end up with a video made in Ghana with support from Brazilian Embassy (Accra).

Jorge A. Ibanez

Jorge A. Ibanez, Is a film maker from Santiago de Cuba who are based in West Yorkshire. Together we made a few videos! When we get on the same wave length that is often we get great results on the film making.  At the moment we are shooting video for PAPAJACA up coming album BRAZINDIAS.  Also a documentary with SAGG Strings Attached Guitar Group, Wakefield the documentary feature the whole process of create, practice, record, perform muisc. 

Cuban Film Maker

Baba Adesose Wallace

I’m blessed to say I had the greatest pleasure to work and collaborate with the Nigerian master drummer, musician by excellence : play’s gonje, flute, singer, composer, painter, fine artist, and historian with a catalogue of music on cd’s, and dvd’s Baba Adesose Wallace in many occasions on stage performing ( Tribe of Doris, Open Gate, Passing Clouds, FunkAfro, Leeds with Kenny Higgins) also recording at the Elephant Walk recording studios, Notting Hill, London engineered by Niles Hails Stones.  Since 1997 when both met in fields with the Tribe of Doris Shepton Mallet they have spent many many nights around the fires sharing facts about music, art and our human race.

Nigerian Meets Brazil AGAIN


 A unique and original blend of Brazilian, Jamaican and African roots music, funked up percussion and deeply hypnotic grooves. This is a unique collaboration between Leeds based Jamaican roots bassist Kenny Higgins and master percussionist, Claudio Kron do Brazil. Kenny uses electric bass, effects and real-time loops alongside Claudio taking up a vast range of traditional and recycled instruments, producing original rhythms influenced by the music of Brazil and Africa.

Kenny's stunning accuracy and vivid, soulful playing makes it no surprise that he has gained a reputation as one of the most inventive and sought after bass-players in the UK.

Claudio is an artist of international acclaim. With countless performances across many continents, his bold approach to percussion has turned heads for over 30 years. Employing traditional and recycled instruments, with rock solid rhythm, there is no percussionist quite like Claudio.

Their combined talents are something to behold. Prepare to be transported!

Brazil-Jamaican groove and bass


Noella Wiyaala is a super power musician from Ghana. The voice of the last world cup Ghana song. John Sherren Wiyaala agent approach Claudio as they wanted a musical support for Wiyalla tour in UK performing at Womad and other venues in the United Kingdom. Straight after the meeting Wyiaala also agreed to be part of claudio’s brain child BRAZIL MEETS AFRICA.  In May 2016 Wiyaala recored vocal in claudio’s upcoming album.

Africans finest female singer

Naldinho do Acordeon

Nadino is from the Northest Brazil and has recorded with Claudio a track in homage to Hermeto Pascoal in 2008. Naldino a very popular face in Brazilian music scene whatever performing, teaching or recording the virtuoso musician will adapt to any style of world music

Naldinho recording for AURORA

Grant Henderson

Grant Henderson music producer from LOOM studios we have been working and collaborating together for the past 8 years.  The amazing friendly treatment to me and the music plus attention to detail make really enjoy our recording sessions at LOOM Studios. We are just on the finishing touches of my upcoming album.  PapaJACA World.

Loom Studios

Omar Puente

Omar Puente is a Cuban virtuoso violinist based in the UK. Omar and Claudio met in 1997 when they both arrive in the United Kingdom worked in few performance together. Omar branched out performing with the likes of Rob Mithel, Jools Holland and Courtney Pine. In between 2015 and 2016 Omar and Claudio for the first time recorded for each other albums.

Cuban master violinist recording with claudio kron

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