Claudio Kron do BRAZIL is a passionate workshop leader whose natural vibrancy and authentic knowledge of Brazilian rhythmic traditions leads to an exhilarating shared experience.


Regardless of age or ability participants will be encouraged to collaborate and to develop confidence in the rhythms that are taught, whilst enjoying the sense of togetherness which drumming in a focused group creates.


With his own enigmatic style and enormous energy Claudio will guide you through the intricacies of Brazilian rhythm, sharing experiences of his native Brazil and having a good laugh along the way.


Participants will explore Samba Reggae, Baiao, Ijexa, Barrvento, Coco, Maracatu and there will also be the opportunity to make a more in depth study of other types of rhythm encountered in Brazil. Workshops will culminate with a carnival style exuberating finale sure to be remembered and enjoyed by all.

Brazilian Carnival Samba WORKSHOPS

for Schools FAQs

What is the School Carnival project?

It’s an inspiring journey through Brazilian culture that we deliver in a variety of formats to suit

your needs:

Carnival Day  - Samba Workshops

Three workshops delivered over the course of a day introducing students to

traditional Brazilian rhythms and instruments. Alternatively, we offer a programme which

includes the Brazilian cultural traditions of percussion, samba dance and capoeira (a

Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music).

As an additional option, our artists can support the students to share their new skills in a

performance for the whole school.

Carnival Week

A workshop programme which takes place over five days culminating in a

performance. The programme includes three days of workshops in percussion, samba

dance and capoeira; one day for rehearsal with a performance on day 5.

Carnival Term 

A workshop programme which typically takes place over 6 weeks (this can

be adapted to suit). Workshops take place one day per week for four weeks, with a rehearsal

in week 5 and performance in week 6.

These are examples of some of the most popular formats for schools but we’re always open

to suggestions! If you have other ideas for a format that would work for you, get in touch to



How many students do you work with?

This is negotiable, but usually up to 30 in each group. We usually work with three groups in a


Are instruments provided?

Yes, we will bring a range of traditional Brazilian percussion instruments.

Are workshops available to all?

Yes, your carnival project can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities; we have run projects

with pupils from reception class to the sixth form. Just let us know if there are specific needs

to consider.

How are staff involved?

We value the participation of school staff in the workshops. Ideally one member of staff

would work alongside our artist.

We encourage schools to create their own carnival costumes as preparation for the day;

these can be simple head-dresses and masks which the students then wear for the


Can parents take part?

Parents can be invited to the performance and we also offer family workshops as part of our

workshop programme.

Eco - Carnival Head Dresses

 “BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL WORKSHOPS” head dresses/ costume making with Amazons rain forest animals

Samba Dance

Our Samba Dance workshops are educational, inspirational and fun

CAPOEIRA Martial Arts from Brazil

Our very popular Carnival Week we provide the best Capoeira teachers and masters from Brazil in UK.

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- "I really enjoyed it... it was a great experience. Thank you!"

- "So much fun! The guys leading were incredible!"

- "I really liked the dancing because I haven't done anything like that before"

- "This makes me want to learn more samba!"

- "I liked the Capoeira best because I liked learning the acrobatics!"

- "The best thing was hearing everyone play together as a group"

- "Everything was so good!"


Samba Drumming Workshops


Each participant will be given a traditional Brazilian instrument and taught different rhythms which will then culminate in a team effort to produce Brazilian carnival sounds as heard on the streets of Rio, Bahia and Sao Paulo.Together we aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience of musical culture and expression.


An outline of a typical school workshop is as follows;


Samba Dance Workshops


We provide various types of dance workshops. Experienced dance teachers will take you through your paces simplifying and breaking down traditional Brazilian dances steps so that they are accessible to all whilst still looking fantastic when put back together. Invigorating and energising dance provides the opportunity for interaction motivated by the vibrant rhythms of Brazil.


Capoeira ( Brazilian Martial Art )

Capoeira was born in the "senzalas", the place where the slaves were kept. It consists of a stylized dance, practiced in a circle called the "roda", with backing music provided by percussion instruments, like the "agogo", the "atabaque", “pandeiro” (the Brazilian equivalent of the tambourine) and the Berinbau as the main instrument that plays the melody

In a nutshell:

  • Artist introduction to the whole school. 

  • 3 x Workshops.

  • Length of each workshop 1 hour.

  • Number of workshop per day 3.

  • Number of children per workshop 30 - We are able to do larger workshops please let me know!

  • Presentation of the work (Children performances).

  • Instruments ( we'll provide a great selection of authentic Brazilian percussion instruments suitable for all.

  • Teachers and staff of your school are welcome to join in.