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Claudio kron do BRAZIL, I was born in in the South of Bahia in a city called Itabuna, I have been playing PANDEIRO since the age of 17, many times in theatre shows, groups, bands, or on the streets and Capoeira “Rodas” ( Circle) + events.

The Pandeiro has been a vital instrument for the growth and development of my music. This is how I see the Pandeiro, as the Piano is the songwriter of melodies and harmonies, The Pandeiro will be the rhythms writer for Brazilian percussion, more now as in the past 30 years or so the Brazilian style Pandeiro playing has captivated audiences from all over the world or gain another fellow musician who add the Pandeiro for their percussion sets.


The Pandeiro is a very practical instrument that can be carried very easily everywhere!

I have been teaching Pandeiro for over 20 years now and I have travelled to over 12 countries performing and teaching this amazing instrument. Another reason that I love to playing and teaching Pandeiro is that I get very close to my roots and get to situations where I’m able to tell stories spreading my cultures plus life philosophies.





01 July 2020 for beginners = 19:00 UK GMT


02 July 2020 for intermediate = 19:00 UK GMT


4 x weeks every Wednesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM – 40 minutes each time.


Paypal with the Email: Not refundable if you quit.



Brazilian music rhythms



CONTENT OF THE COURSE (Names of Rhythms)

Baiao, Coco, Funk, Funkeado, Samba, Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Choro, Capoeira rhythms​




Every participant will receive a video of the music and how to play it.




There are many types of Pandeiros however the most popular are made out of wood with leather or plastic skin. The Plastic skin have more of a synthetic sound, the Pandeiro with leather skin have more of a warmer sound suitable to Sambas, Bossa Novas, Maracatus, I would recommend a leather skin Pandeiro. Good lucky



Beginners are enthusiastic people who have already got their own instrument and capable to play something with no structure or consistency at all.



The student who play’s 3 x or more Brazilian rhythms on Pandeiro using both hands frequently. Someone who has knowledge of where each rhythm comes from.



The person who can play over 12 X different rhythms on Pandeiro plus tricks also able to adapt to all sorts of rhythms encountered.




Pandeiro is the name given to the Brazilian tambourine.


The pandeiro is very versatile and most popular percussion instruments used in Brazil. You'll get blown away by the vast range of sounds created by these very diminished musical machine. Although the instrument is very similar to a tambourine the technique used with both hands played simultaneously to produce a very dynamic sound. The drumhead or skin of the pandeiro is tuneable upon which any rhythm can be played whilst the rim holds metal jingles (platinelas) which create a high hat sound reminiscent of the drum kit. Pandeiro players to look out for: Marcos Suzanno / Jackson do Pandeiro / Sergio Krakowski + Many more

Marcos Suzano is the busiest Pandeiro player in Brazil he has collaborate with the best musicians in world he the must successful Pandeiro player in Brazil. Great workshop leader and very funny man.  Super pleasure to meet this amazing Carioca that for decades now are taking the Pandeiro to a different level for us to forget about the tambourine.  Axe Marcos Suzano


Pandeiro class in Manchester introducing rhythm and techniques.  Workshops organized by Global Groves a series of 4 x sessions 

Pandeiro Amsterdam

15th Capoeira Winter organized by the Rio de Janeiro Capoeira master based in Amsterdam Mestre Grilo.  Every year in the third week of February the event take place and students from various nationalities get together to celebrate Capoeira in Europe with pandeiro classes by claudio kron do BRAZIL (PapaJACA)

Pandeiro Copenhagen

As part of Capeira Senzala event hosted by mestre Rui & Alunos. The event attracts over 400 Capeoira students from different masters from Brazil and other based around the world.

The drumhead or skin

The pandeiro is tuneable upon which any rhythm can be played whilst the rim holds metal jingles (platinelas) which create a high hat sound reminiscent of the drum kit.

Often an over looked instrument the pandeiro  has been embraced and playing has been taken to another level by many Brazilian percussionists such as Jackson do Pandeiro, Marco Souzanno, Jorginho do Pandeiro, Sergio Krakowski, Bernado Aguiar and Guello.

Pandeiro WORKSHOP - Capoeira Angola Brighton

The pandeiro features strongly in Samba and Capoeira music accompanying the traditional berimbau and sets the rhythm for the songs and some of the movements of the martial art. Slowly the world is becoming aware of the wonders of the amazing pandeiro


Quote Claudio Kron.


‘The pandeiro reminds me of the descendents of the African slaves who would use their fork to hit plates to make music after their meals. To me the pandeiro is a very complete percussion instrument which, when played properly and well amplified, can imitate the bass drum, snare and high hat as found on a traditional drum kit.’

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