Team Building Workshops

The expert team aim to bring that something special to your event by using Brazilian music as a vehicle for team building and motivation. Years of teaching experience and the positive feedback that we have had from our clients emphasize the uniting power of the creative arts. Whether drumming, dancing or making carnival costumes such shared experiences with a common goal offer the opportunity for mutual respect, relaxation, fun and are ultimately energizing to all involved.


What we can offer!  Also we will tailor all the activities to suit all your needs.


Drumming workshops


Dance workshops


Carnival props and costume making


Capoeira workshops



Please look at our videos and read the testimonials from those who have participated in Drumming4Business events and let them inspire you to let us help to facilitate your own carnival style team building event.


Thank you from the team at Drumming 4 Business.



Clients who had hire our services in the past years.

 Arla foods BBC, Radio aire, Kirkless, Leeds city council, Sainsburys, Asda, Norwich City Council, Newcastle City Council, Revenue and Benefits, Solicitors, Scientists, Yorkshire Water, Walkers Crisps, Edinburgh City Council, Pepsi Cola, Skanska, Love FM Ireland, Huddersfield University, Hull University, Hull University, Business Link, Leeds Chamber and MYCCY. 




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