Based in United Kingdom, Yorkshire 1996 When he arrived in the UK. Since then CKB has been working solid performing, composing, recording, workshoping, facilitating, creating videos, projects, companies and collaborating with the finest musicians and artists in this country (musicians from around the world).  

CKB has thought and shared his vast knowledge of Brazilian rhythms to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, community centres across the country and beyond,…  Claudio is a very charismatic musician, band, groups and workshop leader with a miles stones of experience. 

He will not only taking his set of authentic Brazilian Percussion also he will amazes you when play it all!  Plus his berimbau one of his favourite instrument Brazil’s very popular grooves!

Claudio Kron has travel to four different continents promoting Brazilian culture spreading his passion to everyone he meets.  PAPAJACA is Claudio kron alter ego also the band name who are releasing the newest album in March 2018 in somewhere around the world.

We delivers powerful team building workshops with a Brazilian percussion as the vehicle of bringing everyone together in a common goal.


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Born in South of Bahia, Brazil Claudio kron do BRAZIL (CLAUDIO JOSE LIMA SANTOS) is a full time artiste, singer, multi-percussionist, poet, composer, guitar player singer songwriter style and capoeirista.  I feel privileged and honoured to be able to travel to many parts of the world spreading my passion.



When I was 9 years of age my mother presented me with a berimbau. It’s an african originated ancient one string guitar instrument shaped like a bow with a gourd  attached to it to resonate the sound. The instrument was a present by my mother Nanucia Lima Santos who never played an instrument however she had a very rich knowledge about music, arts and culture. My dad was more of an entrepreneur Jose Paulo dos Santos and still running his small business today!


Music and arts has always been part of my daily life. Capoeira was the door opener, before I start train Capoeira properly we had our own group of people practicing it.  However my first proper Capoeira master was a gentleman called Adilson (Skala Center, Itabuna) Dancing was part of creative things we use to do as we only need the music and space to practice.


Charity events in Brasil including Festa do Beco (ongoing), Projeto Esperanca - Charity event for the old people homes in Bahia/Brasil



Varal da MPB - An exhibition of brazilian popular music materials eg: Album cover, news, magazine, live show: participants, Marcelo Ganem, Gil Menescal, Joao Veloso, Biba Miranda, Pingo Grapiuna, Selma Aguiar, Jefferson Blue etc,....


The Night of Heavy Metal

A Heavy metal night in Itabuna Bahia, Brazil



At college IMEAM FANFARRA I started play in college band with over 200 members using percussion and brass Fanfarra Festival in Bahia, the band was led by Adailton Perreira Santana.


The at the age of 15 started studying music at Bethoveen Music School with master drummer Sabara (Adalmiro Leoncio da Silva)



I was voted the for the best fashioin sense at IMEAM, worked as a model catwalk with group Caras e Bocas with Paulo Apocalipse ( Paulo Drummond) e Fabio Z’Luck. In Sao Paulo I made TV advertisement with the model Luana Piovanne.


In my early day’s I have accompanying other solo local and national artistes EG: Joao Veloso, Marcelo Ganem, Ramon Vane ( Poet/actor), Biba Miranda, Adilson Nascimento, Alba Cristina ( Mae Darabi), Selma Aguiar, Carlos Shintomi/ Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro /Curitiba/Rio Grande do Sul - Performances with Adilson Nascimento ( Banda Rapadura Diet), Hamilton Moreno, Kerubyn ( Jose Carlos), Haroldo Torrecilia, Banda Massa Quente (Gibson Gal) Pauilnho Santiago (Banda AXE) Banda Connecao with Jobert Gaiger, Rodnei Viera and Francis Valajd.







REFLECTIONS “The 200 years abolition of the Slave trade” in Ghana, Africa at Elmina Castle at the door of NO RETURN (very emotional) performing alongside great names of world music including Geraldine Connor (R.I.P.) Hugh Masekela (R.I.P.), Mustapha Tettey Addy & Obonu Royal drummers, London Gospel Choir, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Eliza Carthy, Ghana Contemporary Dance with the excellence president of Ghana John Kofuor.


Inauguration of the Brasil House in James Town, Accra, Ghana, I led the performance by my african students of music and dance. The show had over 130 people parading in streets of Accra in the presence of the brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva event organized by the brazilian embassy in Ghana with Luis Fernando Sierra (ambassador)


When the brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva came to England with the former cultural secretary Gilberto Gil to visit the queen for the first time I was part of show with the amazing voice Adma Newport at the Barbican Centre, London


A 20 page fanzine


Since I have arrived in United Kingdom I have created and fire started many projects some of my own + other project that I’m glad to be invited to be part of it.


A three year length project (Dewsbury de Janeiro) (The Live Rehearsal) check other pages



A 26 piece Brazilian percussion group we survived for over 4 year performing in prime venues as Musicport Festival, Millenium DOME London


Over 100 members performing as part of the Millenium Square in Leeds, Project lineup of artists and facilitarors: Ianto Thumber, Lamin Jassey, Danny Templeman, Richard Sliwa, Richard Weedom, Adam Warne ( Rhythmis Ginger) Led by claudio kron do BRAZIL.



Since my first visit to Ghana I establish a great relationship with local’s. Supported by the embassy of Brasil in Ghana I started the project after donate 35 percussion instrument to a professional percussion group called: Obonu Royal Drummers led by Mustapha Tettey Addy. Commissioned by the embassy to perform to the brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Samba Ghana started after 8 weeks travelling to many parts of the country delivering workshops with elements of brazilian culture: Percussion/Music/Dance/Capeoira. Drumming 4 Business has donated to over 130 brazilian percussion instruments to the project.



In an attempted to share the source of the afro-brazilian grooves and where it’s coming from. Percussion workshops based on the rhythms that help support the creation of the samba. ( Cabula, Barravento, Aluja)



Collaboration in between Brazil and Dominica Republica with music producer Mark Mcray. 5 track made specially for DJ’s



I have design and published a 20 page magazine with new about Latin and brazilian culture in UK


ATRIBOMACACA was our first proper band in UK led by Miguel Migueis and myself the band performed in festivals throughout the country + recorded an album called XEGAREI (ARRIVING)

claudio kron do BRAZIL - Tum Tum Pa - Under the musical direction of Zenon Moreira the album was recorded at MM Studios with Missinho Mendes and Rhian.


claudio kron do BRAZIL/PAPAJACA

Apresenta album with super special participation on track Wings and Drums the ethnomusicologist Geraldine Connor at IVOLVE STUDIOS  the album was recorded in different studios at MM Studios with music producer Missinho Mendes, Itabuna - Bahia - Brazil, Hall Place Studios, engineered by Julian Wellington, Ivolve Studios by music producer Grant Henderson, Bradford.


Jobert Gaiger, Pheonix Dance Company, Omar Puente, Rose Moore, Carlos Shintomi, Killer Computers, Lost Colors, Niles Hails Stones, Geraldine Connor (Carnival Messiah) Craig Whitehead (singer songwriter)


Carnival Messiah (The life of Jesus Christ with music of Handel Messiah with a Caribbean twist) with a cast of over 200 artists, performances at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Harewood House, Stratford Theater, Round House, Bradford Playhouse.


To be released in April 2018 the album recorded at LOOM STUDIOS with the music producer Grant Henderson: PAPAJACA - Brazindias album was music directed by artiste claudio kron do BRAZIL. The album had participation of great names of world music in UK.


I have collaborated with many artist in all styles and subjects: Musicians, dancers, film makers, annimators, creative people in general: Kenny Higgins (Bass) Craig Scott ( Guitar) Julian Socha (Guitar) Grant Henderson (LOOM Studios) Alaister Graham (Cartoonist) Leroy Johnson (Multi-instrumentalist) Jobert Gaiger (Pianist) James Lascelles (Multi-instrumentalist) Jorge A. Ibanez ( Film Maker) Baba Adesose Wallace, Seckou Keita


BRAZILOCA Recorded the album at Beaumount Street Studios, Huddersfield. With 26 students band members.  CALDERHYTHMS, A brazilian percussion group, the was established by Whitewood and Fleming in Brighouse and have weekly sessions in Brighouse open to everyone. The group met together every week for over 3 years


Afro brazilian culture is in my blood and it’s my passion I have had the opportunity and been privilege to take my work to four (4) continents around the globe spreading my culture music, dance or elements of capoeira culture and tradition WORKSHOPS VIA BRAZILIAN EMBASSY: Ghana, Russia, Bulgaria,


(On going) D4B is a team building activity provider who uses drumming as the vehicle of communication, D4B deliver the best of group activity workshops with everybody hands on, with the capacity to provide a team workshop with a group of 250 delegates ( do not hesitate to contact us if you have something bigger to cater for) CLIENTS Arla Foods BBC, Radio Aire, Kirkless, Leeds City Council, Sainsburys, Asda, Norwich City Council, Newcastle City Council, Revenue and Benefits, Solicitors, Scientists, Yorkshire Water, Kellogs Cornflakes, Walkers Crisps, Edinburgh City Council, Pepsi Cola, Skanska, Love FM Ireland, Huddersfield University, Hull University, Hull University, Business Link, Leeds Chamber and MYCCY


Festival Terravista/Bahia - Marcelo de Jose ( Producer), Annimation SUBA with Alaister Graham


Its come from the cosmic (sounded very hippie) I love the stars, I love nature in general, everything who lives and breath.  To me everything is a sounds or a visual that inspires me to make music and art: Ariano Suassuna, Patativa do Assare, Hermeto Pascoal, Papete, Tom Ze, Xangai, Sepultura, Gilberto Gill, Caetano Veloso, Coco Raizes de Arco Verde, Chico Science, Pastinha, Bimba, Traira e Besouro in Brasil


Seckou Keita, Geraldine Connor, King Ayisoba, Fatoumata Diawara, Inder, Santana, Bob Mcferry, Yoyo Ma, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Youssou N'dour, Sepultura, Metallica, Iron Maiden,


Innersence Samba Power band, Pheonix Dance Company, Wyiaala, Kirsty Almeida, Caution (Stella Latras) Eric the Viaduct (Comedy folk and rock band)



Santa Cruz TV, TV Cabralia, Globo - Brasil, SBT - Brasil, Ulsan TV - South Korea TV, Ghana, Sweeden TV, TV, BBC UK - Look North, Norwich TV, ITV


Brasil, England, Amsterdam, Spain, Grecce, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, New Zealand,


Collaboration with award winner Alaister Graham I made music for SUBA award winner animation about the life the spirit of Suba great brazilian musician who lives in Serbia ( Youtube )


Capeoira, stargazing, nature, walking, swimming,, cooking, writing, painting, filmmaking, graphic design.


Kiddinho - My children book about a boy abused just because he is the way he is.

Poemeus - Poetry book with 100 poems.

Over 50 composed unpublished songs.