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I am a native Brazilian artist who has been living in the U.K since 1996. During this time I have worked to promote and engage audiences with my love of Brazilian culture and traditional rhythms through performances shows, workshops, festivals, school work and team building activities. I have performed at The Barbican Centre, Womad, Tribe of Doris, Kendal Calling, The Fish Quays festival, Edinburgh festival to name a few.


I have strived to ensure accessibility for all and have collaborated with a wide range of International and British artists to produce a vast catalogue of experimental work. My cd's feature an array of different rhythms and instruments and have been a collaborative effort. The main focus of my work is percussion and I have dedicated my life to the improvement of my skills and the increased understanding of rhythms from around the world. I assimilate new rhythms into my own work and subsequently share this with my audience.


I have travelled extensively performing throughout Europe, Russia, Bulgaria, Trinidad and Tobago, South Korea and Ghana. Such work was commissioned by the Brazilian and British High Commission and also as part of the Commonwealth Resounds. After performing as part of the "200 Years Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery " in Ghana alongside many artists whose roots were to be found in the African diaspora, I was very fortunate to be invited back to Ghana to set up a Samba Ghana project. I was involved in the multicultural production of Geraldine Connor's "Carnival Messiah". I was invited twice to perform for the then Brazilian President both in the U.K and in Ghana, I delivered workshops for colleges and universities plus hundreds of schools.


I have run workshops in hospitals and value the importance of music as a means of improving mental health, which is especially important during the present unprecedented times. I have organized events which have brought communities together in dance and drumming. More recently I have led on-line zoom drumming classes for all abilities as a continued means of sharing my knowledge.

The band mixes Afro Brazilian traditional music with lots of other rhythms creating an interesting fusion of powerful vibrant sounds. The repertoire is usually in Portuguese with Yoruba and Capoeira elements.

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