Sounds Rubbish


Let's make  the world a better place by using recycled materials to make music and art.

Recycling, reusing or up-cycling is the way forward. It's all about  taking care of our environment and showing our appreciation for the wonders of nature. By being more conscientious and paying attention to our own consumption of goods and the packaging which comes with these goods we can begin to make changes. At our Sounds Rubbish workshops we aim to take everyday packaging and up-cycle  to create music. Come  and join us as we make changes together.

Workshops will be led by Brazilian born musician claudio kron do BRAZIL  and all instruments made will be used to create global rhythms.

Bring what you can.


Plastic Bottles

Bottle tops

Glue guns


Tins and cans

Pots and pans


Computer keyboards


Cardboard tubes

Rubber band


Sand papers



Masking tapes

Gaffer tapes



Making music and art with recycled materials.

Recycling is looking after our mother nature! I love then both so it has become a big topic in my life.

So anything I can do to make the world a better place count me inn! “Starting with our human behaviour.  As a young man in my beloved homeland Brazil we started notice the impact of the plastic/packaging/waste damaging our fauna, flora, sea, rivers, etc,.. When we travel to a more touristic area you can see the problem arising faster and faster. The governments from all over the world are failing to get to the core of the plastic pollution problems around the globe.  


And this has made me think!  What are we leaving behind to next generations?  What they will be thinking of us?,...  On the 16 Feb 2018 I heard an announcement from the UK government on BBC TV that plastic packaging products will be eradicate by 2045. I personally will be 92 years old.  Together we need to make it happening sooner for our generation been able to benefit from endangered species who soon could extinct. “I mean our children the human kind” 


The problem are getting so out of control they starting blaming us for their lack of responsibility.


SOUNDS RUBBISH – is an instrument + art making project using recycled materials in an attempt for helping stop the throwaway culture + relax the consumerism. The musician claudio kron do BRAZIL will be leading the workshops using a variety of materials not easily degradable to make artistic musical instrument + creative stuff.   “Some of the packaging products out there we just use it for minutes and sometimes seconds and it goes straight in the bin or end up in a landfill in a third world country. “So, are we sending our mucky to other peoples houses?”,…


As a caring human being and a musician I have decide to do something about it with my own hands on creativity with help from others who are trying hard to keep the world waste free. “ It will be impossible to have a waste free planet however let’s it make a better place to live and breath. 


To keep me on track I have merged two things that I love together.  “Making music and create a sustainable environment”.  Using material’s that people easily confused as rubbish in this project I will be showing examples of what can be done to help our world.  Making simple things out of what could be classified as litter.  You’ll create something that will make you happy just for the feeling of helping the world you live in.


MATERIALS: Plastic bottles (different shapes) bottles tops, buckets, computer keyboards, pots and pans, tubes, seeds, beads, strings, sellotape, plastic sheets, x-rays, wires, cables, bits of wood, spiral bound books + anything you think we can make a sound out of it,...  Demonstrations will be available throughout the day plus an introduction on the impact on our earth and links with climate changing.


(It’s limited what we can achieve in one hour in terms of making something durable. However in these workshops participants will get the chance to create and get inspired to carry on doing it in the comfort of your own homes).


Let’s help making the world a better place.


claudio kron do BRAZIL


“The children absolutely loved Claudio's event which was both creative and educational.

All participants were fully engrossed and the creations from the recycled materials were amazing!!!”

 Troy Mcintosh

"Transforming rubbish into something constructive is beyond recycling it’s protecting the world teaching a new generation”

Manchester Museum


“Lots of musical instruments made. Lots of rubbish noise!” Wow! So impressed with Claudio’s versatility”

Huddersfield Library


“I had no idea some of those instruments existed, so to be shown how to make them was wonderful”

Family at workshop


“Great event, such a joy to see so many children and families having fun together”

Family at workshop



Manchester Museum making instruments and art using recycling workshop.