Eric the Viaduct

Eric the viaduct is a folk, rock, exotica comedy band led by the great mad man Andy Lister, The band has played in a lots of venue our the region.  Musicians: Andy Lister, sheading words -  Julian Socha, Guitar – David Clayton, Guitar - Paul Green, Bass – Claudio kron, Percussionkit

Duda Moleque and claudio kron do BRAZIL

First time I seeing Duda he was on national TV  directing a super inspiring group called Moleques de Rua, Moleques de Rua was my inspiration as a kid. I was honored to receive a phone call from him ask me to join his show in United Kingdom

Carnival Messiah

Written and directed by the ethnomusicologist Geraldine Connor (R.I.P.) CM tell the history of Jesus Christ with music of Handel Messiah music mashed up together with classical with calypso, funk, rap, African + an amazing theater cast including: Ella Andel, Katie Mattews, Ayo Jones, Stella Latras, Ronald Samm, Ram John Holder, David Hamilton, Nigel Wong, Chris Tummings, The whole production had over 200 people involved between artists and crew. Performed at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Harewood House, Bradford Theater, Shepardsbush Theater, Leeds Rugby Grounds. 

R.I.P. to the magic Geraldine Connor

Salon du Chocolat - Paris

Marcelo Ganem

Bahia, Buerarema born the Brazilian music Marcelo Ganam has a catalogue of 5 amaing album who capt the true feeling of M.P.B. ( Barzilian Popular Music)  Marcelo has travel from Brazil to Switzerland and France to perform at the Salon du Chocolat.  Special guest Kenneth Higgins and Claudio kron do BRAZIL

Journey of Jazz

Journey of Jazz brings together a group of 6 prominent UK based percussionists from various musical backgrounds and styles to give you a feast of an exciting range of rhythms from various parts of the world. Each one of them, with an international touring career, will Jazz you with their dizzying percussion expertise as part of the grand Bradford Festival in the City Park, Bradford. This ensemble will feature European drums, South American, Persian and percussion from the Indian sub- continent as well as some challenging vocalised rhythms!

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