Oficinas de percussao em Portugal - Cancelado / Com nova data a ser divulgada

O Projeto Integrado de Capoeira apresenta uma oportunidade única para todos os amantes da música e percussão, será no Sábado dia 28 de Março que iremos receber o grande percussionista Cláudio Kron. Preparem-se para um dia cheio de ritmos e som, acompanhado de comida africana e momentos de convívio e partilha cultural.

Programa Domingo:
10h - Credenciação e um pequeno almoço
10h30min - Início das atividades / Hora da Pandeirada (Se tiver traga seu pandeiro)
11h30min - Esquentando a bateria / Repiques, surdões, bombos e caixas
12h30min - Intervalo para Capoeira e almoço
14h30min - Construções rítmicas e ensaio
16h30min - Desfile pelo Bairro da Apelação
17h30min - Encerramento
(Sábado a tarde) - Teremos a presença do Cláudio Kron em nosso ensaio
Contribuição: 20astrais
O que é a Capoeira? com certeza a resposta estará nas centenas de vídeos do nosso Canal do YOUTUBE, Facebook e Instagram que somados as diversas propostas de ensino do Clube de Membros (youtube/whatzap), que vão desde grupos de leitura e partilha de informações a aulas online e assessoria a grupos de capoeira ou interessados individuais idealizadas e realizadas pelo Mestre Marco Antonio, temos o projeto alojado ainda no FACEBOOK e INSTAGRAM como divulgadores e difusores desses valores tão importantes para a nossa arte, dança e luta Capoeira.

Open Day Drumming Day

03 March 2020 - Show case with some special guests! Plus Brazilian Percussion style workshops... We Meet every Tuesday between 7 to 9pm at Eliam Church, Dewsbury

We provide instruments

Break for a coffee or tea

Looking forward to hearing from you or see you there!!!  Book your presence now on


Location: Elim Church, Dewsbury Town Centre WF 13 1LY

18+ class

There will be 2 x session every Tuesday day evening 1st group will start 18:00 to 19:00 with people aged 10 to 17 years old. The second group starts at 19:15 to 20:15 with people aged 18+.


Instruments will be provided, a selection of genuine afro-brazilian instruments: Timbau, surdos, caixa, repenique, tambourine, congas, berimbau, pandeiro, all djembe players and musicians are welcome.


In these 12 x weeks you will learn not only about rhythms but about the culture the histories that make Brazil. I will first learning rhythms from Bahia, Bahia was the first capital of Brasil before Rio de Janeiro and the creation of Brasilia ( Made up town EG: Milton Keynes)

Rhythms as Samba, Samba Reggae, Maculele, Funk, Afrobeat, Ijexa, Maracatu...etc


The classes will be run by the brazilian percussionist claudio kron do BRAZIL, Subsequantly we will be performing somewhere if everyone agrees...This is  the point of creating music.


For further info please call on  07884 122 477

Grilo Capoeira Winter Meeting Amsterdam 2020

13 -16 February
Capoeira Event organized by Mestre Grilo and alunos, Escola Senzala

Bem vindo in Amsterdam! It can be very helpful for the organisation of our event if you could let us know in advance if you would like to join. For those traveling from abroad, sleeping places can be arranged (please bring your own mattress and sleeping bag)

Confirmed guests
Mestre Sorriso
Mestre Rui
Mestre Will
Mestre Requeijão
Mestre Banana
Mestre Pé de Vento
Mestre Joel
Contra mestre Kanguru
Contra mestre Esperto
Pandeiro class with Claudio Kron


For more info contact mestre Grilo, +316 53610318

Reppolho na Europa

Percussionist, singer, composer and producer Mestre Repolho uses an array of Afro Brazilian percussion to express his musical diverse creativity.


Hailed from Pernanbuco, Brazil based min Rio de Janeiro Reppolho is a very reputable percussionist in the country. Reppolho translates to: (Cabbege) Has performed and toured the world and recorded with most prolifics brazilian musicians. Here to name just a few: Gilberto Gil, Tim Maia, Elza Soares, Gal Costa, Milton Nascimento, Nana Caymmi, Nana Vasconcelos, Robertinho Silva, Luis Melodia, plus

Tribe of Doris 2018

UK’s favorate’s summer camp, with over 50 artists from many parts of the globe Tribe of Doris will facilitate to you the encounter of roots, culture and traditions to profound taster.

An unique experience in music, dance, healing, capoeira, meditation arts & crafts workshops to culminate into various performances. 08 to 12 August 2018 at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire, UK


If you love all above and more come to see with your own eyes…

New from Brazil,... Lovely spread in front cover of the Brazilian newspaper DIARIO DA BAHIA

Interviewed by Celina Santos the Bahia born musician Claudio kron do BRAZIL talking about his new album, life plans and projects,…



The artistic life of the singer, composer, percussionist and capoeirista Cláudio Kron in England reached the mark of 21 years. Itabunense that makes a point of revealing the origin, he launches a CD with the suggestive name of "PapaJaca - Brazíndias". The record was recorded in the country where grapiúna lives and is signed by music producer Grant Henderson. But the Sulbaian seasoning goes further.

After all, the Itabunan musicians Naldino do Acordeon, Sol Reis and Alba Cristina participate. A special detail, which shows how much Kron has broadened horizons, is the five songs to the guitar. Also remarkable is the presence of his younger children, singing capoeira with an English accent.

Cláudio Kron intends to announce the new CD in Portuguese-speaking countries (including Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe). "But today, with the Internet, people from all over the world can have access to our work," he recalls.

 Through the world with music

Kron started playing guava cans in the backyard of his "mãinha", in the neighborhood of Fatima, in Itabuna, and was able to be a disciple of the master Sabará (Adalmiro Leôncio da Silva), at the Beethoven music school. That was the basis for him to make the chords the track and win the world. He says he has been to 15 countries.

In the service of the Itamarati, he arrived in Africa and was able to visit several nations, besides countries of Oceania, such as New Zealand; of Europe, like Russia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Germany;and also of Asia, like South Korea, in Asia. "I use music as the art of conveying my story and my philosophy of life," he says


Our wonderful ecologic “BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL WORKSHOPS” head dresses/ costume making with Amazons rain forest animals including (Birds, crocodiles, lions, indigenous)  The designs are suitable for primary schools and all key stages.  Using: cards, paper, colorful feathers, glue, sequences, glitter and lots and lots of imagination while listen to Lucy’s wonderful stories from her time in Brasil and beyond.  In those workshops your pupils will create the most vibrant and exciting head pieces to complete your school Carnival.  The workshops are led by the artist Lucy Lima Santos, She’s is a British born artist with lots of experience with children of all ages and backgrounds.  She lived in Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese.


Proud mother and careers adviser Mandy Humfreys facilitates workshops and free advise to people who are whiling to take a new step or start a new career.  Careers based at Dewsbury Library will be offering many courses in many different subjects in the near future, just getting in touch.  I have participated in one of the courses provided and I exceled myself granted 90 marks out of 100 pretty good to me.  I’m very chuffed to have my certificate in SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE, something that for a while I was very interested about.  Now let’s look for a brighter future.

Geraldine Conor Foundation

Forest of Dreams

Forest Dreaming, a newly commissioned musical theatre production based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, has been developed through our Creative Café workshops and Creative Labs over the past year and a half.

Bahia Music in London at Welsh Centre

Claudio Kron playing guitar?

Yes!!! I use guitar in mine living room in the quiet nights when everyone is in bed.  I can’t compare my guitar skills with my percussion that I have been developing it for the past 30 years!!!  My love to the music never stops I have decided to take the guitar to the stages now and again.  For that I counted with the participation from my brother heavy groover from Salvador de Bahia the percussionist Marcos Santana alongside Joao Danilo from Bahia, Amargosa. The TRIO from Bahia got everyone in their feet, sing, stomping, clapping and dancing the night away.

Thank you WOMAD foundation to trust me, my skill and my people.


After outstanding popular demand, the unstoppable force of Kaleidoscope returns to Seven Arts. A unique and original blend of Brazilian, Jamaican and African roots music, funked up percussion and deeply hypnotic grooves. This is a unique collaboration between Leeds based Jamaican roots bassist Kenny Higgins and master percussionist, Claudio Kron do Brazil. Kenny uses electric bass, effects and real-time loops alongside Claudio taking up a vast range of traditional and recycled instruments, producing original rhythms influenced by the music of Brazil and Africa.

Kenny's stunning accuracy and vivid, soulful playing makes it no surprise that he has gained a reputation as one of the most inventive and sought after bass-players in the UK.

Claudio is an artist of international acclaim. With countless performances across many continents, his bold approach to percussion has turned heads for over 30 years. Employing traditional and recycled instruments, with rock solid rhythm, there is no percussionist quite like Claudio.

Their combined talents are something to behold. Prepare to be transported!


Batuque is the new music video by PAPAJACA & claudio kron do BRAZIL, Filmed by the Cuban film maker Jorge Ibanez the video feature just one guy full on dancing at Dewsbury market. The video took 9 hours in the making to be edited down to under 3 minutes featuring dancer Simon Firth. Thank you to Dewsbury Market for allowing us to do our creative stuff.

Strings Attached Group

Strings Attached Group

In the past years I have been involved running a music therapy classes using drumming/percussion as a vehicle to bring everyone together at Pinderfields Hospital (Fieldhead)!  The project has been very successful with all the patients and staffs. The natural evolution of the project was to create something to motivate the group enhancing their music ability with a goal! 

As soon as my proposal got approved we start making music together with Chris Wood (guitar teacher).  We spent 6 x weeks doing music labs the idea was to create a day where we consolidate all the aspects of a musical production to our perspective. I had the opportunity to direct, arrange the piece of music to be practiced, recorded, performed in just one day combine filming a documentary about the whole experience.  The group went to Blueberry Studios in Leeds using the practice rooms + stage to perform the music was recorded in full quality at Loom Studios with the producer Grant Henderson, Yorkshire. 

Keep your eyes peeled our documentary will be soon in all social media platform.


DIVA Guitars is a voluntary arts group based in Wakefield who believe that creativity promotes good mental health. Strings Attached was a project we ran to encourage more people to play the guitar and experience the healing power of music! 
It was funded by the Big Lottery

WOMAD 2017

Afro Brazilian percussion workshop and procession led by the Bahian percussionist Claudio kron do BRAZIL. This isn’t the first time that Claudio kron will be sharing his skills at Womad. Last year at WOMAD – Fuerteventura in Canary Island he and Mestre Laercio treated the whole community in Fuerteventura to a great Bahia carnival vibe.

On Sunday 30 July about 5pm you are all invited o take part in these super energetic workshop we will be mixing Brazilian percussion with Djembes west African drum.  Interested?  Be there early and get you ticket to secure you instrument or bring your own that will be even better.

Braziliaca, Liverpool 2017

Brazilica, Liverpool biggest Brazilian carnival no doubt!  Tens of thousands for sure loves Brazil. It’s incredible the engagement and devotion to Brazilian culture and traditions. PapaJACA – Band shared the stage with great acts as Aleh Ferreira and Bixiga 70 at the pierhead stage on the water front.  Great festival wonderful people. 

Brazil Night in Leeds with Pedro di Lita and claudio kron do BRAZIL

In Mid June I had the great pleasure to work together again!  Mr Pedro de Lita, Rio de Janeiro who brought to Leeds an amazing music vibe from Brazil to across the globe world music and superb rhythms.  With our super dancer special guest Gillian Sugar Gill at Casa Colombiana, Leeds.  The dance and the electro music was supported by funk grooves from Claudio kron the man from Bahia

Brazilian Percussion WORKSHOPS - LEEDS

Brazilian Percussion WORKSHOP - in Leeds at CASA COLOMBIANA, 6 GRAND ARCADE, LEEDS LS1 6PG, UK+44 7710 958118.  Step by step Brazilian Percussion WORKSHOPS for all!  Minimum age 15+ Instruments provided.


As part of claudio kron new album AURORA. Out now Jamaicano music videoo.  The music was recorded at Loom Studios with Grant Henderson, Musicians: Kenny Higgins (Bass) Roy Johnson (Key's/Guitar) claudio kron (vocal's and percussion/drumkit and berimbau) Lyrics: Joao Veloso.

Video filmed by the Cuban Film maker Jorge A. Borges-Ibanez.  The Jamaicano video is a reggae tribal with samba influence with indigenous vibes.

Summer School - Geraldine Connor Foundation

In the summer 2016 at Leeds City College

in a new production working with a group of of 16 to 25’s amazing and talented group of people.


ACORDES - Made in Bahia Brazil documentary by VIXE Producoes featuring a selection of Brazilian artists including: Geraldo Azevedo, Tatau do Araketu, Joao Jorge Olodum, Claudio kron do BRAZIL (papaJACA)

Brasseveckan International Brazilian Arts

Summer 2016 Brasseveckan International Brazilian Arts Festival with participation of: Alba Christina, Capeira Tribo Unida e Abada-Suecia,Vini Brasil, Vitao Cardoso, SambaAMOR Dancers, Simone Moreno, produced by Joel Ferreira

papaJACA at Leeds Triatlhon 2016

Leeds Triathlon

Amazing crowed has taken part to witness the glorious event.

Entertainment where provide including RJC Dance Leeds and many local groups!  The event was headline by Claudio kron and papaJACA percussion street band! 8 x percussionists, 3 x Brass and 5 spectacular dancers for sure transformed the Briggate street in Leeds into a mini Rio de Janeiro.


With  rhythms as Samba, Maracatu, Funk +++ claudio kron and papaJACA for the audience delights to watching and dance at the same time the Samba carnival music of Brazil.

Alba Cristina - Mae Darabi

PapaJACA World


The Ialorixa (Mae Darabi) AKA  Alba Cristina is an actress on her own right, she has taking parts in many long and short films in Brazil


Alba also recorded for claudio kron album papaJACA World, June 2016 in Brasil at Estudio 878 with the grapiuna music producer Fernando Guimaraes.


Often she come to Europe; Sweden, Germany where she runs workshops and activities introducing Afro Brazilian culture to the world.  As an actress she just debut into a prime time soup opera entitled Velho Chico at the number one television channel in Brazil. 


Alba just recorded in Claudio kron’s album who will be out by July 2016. From 27 to 02 August the pair will be performing together as part of Afro Brazilian Weeks in Swedan organised by Joel Ferreira


Keep your eyes peeled,...

Wiyaala and claudio kron

While the nominees of the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) are battling it out to take the spoils tomorrow night (May 7) in Accra, reigning Songwriter and Best Female Vocal of the Year, super-talented Wiyaala, is set to make her debut in the United Kingdom at Brazil Meets Africa inDewsbury tomorrow night.


Brazil Meets Africa is the brainchild of Claudio Kron, a celebrated Brazilian percussionist and veteran of festivals worldwide known for his charismatic stage performances. Sources report the two musicians are making magic in rehearsals with a powerful fusion combining Claudio’s Brazilian beats and rhythms with Wiyaala’s West African musical folk traditions.


John Sherren, Wiyaala’s Manager said “we are not in the UK to take prisoners. I will get Wiyaala to perform at every opportunity available. I believe she will become one of the biggest artistes ever to emerge from Africa. Ghanaians should be proud of their girl.”


It all goes down on Saturday 7th May at The West Riding, Platform 3 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Entrance is free and the show begins at 8pm.


Wiyaala is currently on tour in Europe with performances scheduled in Germany, Denmark and theWomad International Arts Festival in the United Kingdom.


(Source: Abdullai Isshak)

Leroy Johnson - Reggae

It was a real pleasure to have MOBO nominated artist Leroy Johnson in the studio yesterday. Laying down some smooth piano, organ and guitar for an amazing new reggae track from the forthcoming album from Papajaca Claudio Kron Do Brazil. Also featured on the track is a fantastic bass grooves from Kenny Higgins. With the original percussive style of Claudio and WOW!!!! This track is going to do some damage out there I can tell thee!!!

You can vote for Leroy at this years MOBO awards, simply register and vote. It takes a few seconds. Leroy Johnson is up for an award within the gospel category. follow the link and support local artists that are making a mark out there bringing attention to our region.

Paul Green on Mandolin

Jack Warlop

Born in France, started playing in his father's gospel band and choir aged 8 .Jack

left France aged 18 and headed for New York where he studied vocal arrangement and jazz piano.

Profesional musician since 1982 .    

Jack Warlop in AURORA

Jack Warlop

Born in France, started playing in his father's gospel band and choir aged 8 .Jack

left France aged 18 and headed for New York where he studied vocal arrangement and jazz piano.

Profesional musician since 1982 .    

Enrico Marchesi - Brazindias

Italian born trumpet player based in Leeds,  Enrico Marchesi has worked together with Claudio kron for many years!  As a performer or a workshop leader Enrico is a powerful  trumpetist who in August 2015 made a collaboration with Claudio kron new album adding trumpet to the sounds in BRAZINDIAS. Unfortunately Enrico suffered a stroke a few years ago.  The stroke nearly stopped Enrico's carrier but once again music have the power to heal many things.  Since the stroke Enrico created the Stroke of Genius BIG BAND who performs open and down the country off course helping the charity. Well done Macho.

Cuba in Brazil

Born in Havana Cuba Omar Puente is a violin player based in the UK since 1997. Omar has performed and recorded with many artists such as Jools Holland, Courtney Pine, Robert Mitchel to name a few.. He is music teacher at Trinity Music College, London. First time I performed with Omar was in 1999 then16 years on together we are again collaborating recording in each other albums. Thank you MR Cuba Omar added Violin in two of tracks: Seu Joao, Aurora.

BBC Radio Leeds invited claudio kron to an Interview for a chat about the Brazilians way's of life.

Carnival day for NISSAN

The sounds of Brazil toke place @ Nissan Family Day OUT! Drum, brass and amazing dancers in full Rio carnival costumes. Amazing festival atmosphere followed by workshop for the comunity of Sunderland.


The Liversedge Brownes did it again!!! On the evening of the 07 OCT 2016, 26 brownes with the must funky uniforms watched a performance by the Brazilian percussionist claudio kron, The event took place at the Parish Charch Hall in Liversadge. Rhythms of samba reggae + introduction to a vast range of Brazilian percussionion instruments. After the amazing success of their Mcmillan Cancer Trust coffee evening when the Brownes raised over £250.  Great kids!!!

World at Winston

A wonderful evening of World Music and Film.
Tickets only £15 from The Lodge, Arcadia Music and Atkinson-Pryce Bookshop in Biggar

Concert Featuring:

Hang/Kora Dou Simon Wood and Holly Marland: Simon Wood is a magnificent hang drum player from Newcastle, Holly is Hebden Bridge’s favourite Kora player (well, only Kora player as yet!). Working together they’ve been on a mini tour of the North.Simon and Holly will perform a magical extravaganza of dance-trance combining their exquisite sound worlds for us. Watch out for special guest cameos.

Mometo and friends: Ceremonial rhythms and songs from the African shamanic tradition of Gabon
Mometo (aka Ben Taylor) first went to Gabon in 2007 and has since returned three times to receive initiations and healings in the tradition called Bwiti. The music, whose polyrhythms are designed to engender altered mind states, is a vital, and very specific part of the ceremonies and he has been learning it since 2010. There are two main instruments used: the Ngombi, an eight stringed harp, and the Mungongo, a large, one stringed mouthbow. These instruments, along with rhythm sticks, rattles, drums and a chorus of singers, provide the hypnotic music that propels the all-night ceremonies. Mometo will be accompanied by his wife, Kate, who has also visited Gabon and encountered this music in the jungle where it originated.

Claudio Kron Do Brazil: Solo Performance

“As always I introduce myself as a Brazilian percussionist! I am passionate about percussion and I love to work with a whole range of percussion instruments. The stage has become my second home, a place where I feel very comfortable performing the story of my life in terms of sounds, colours and vibrancy!”

Born in Bahia, Claudio kron do BRAZIL is a percussionist, poet, composer, in this solo show Claudio will be performing songs from his upcoming album plus some lovely sounds from his native Brazil. These are a based in three of Claudio’s favourite instruments: Berimbau, pandeiro and acoustic guitar. The power of African culture in Brazilian traditions. I will be honoured to have the accompaniment of Paul John Dear, my friend percussionist from Yorkshire based in Scotland now.

Film Screening: Hecho En Mexico by Duncan BVridgeman ( One Giant Leap, What about Me)

".....allowing for realistic portraits of Mexicans as human beings: worried about issues like getting older, having children, falling in love.

The film gets to the heart of those matters, and does so in a visually arresting way. It's also practically a musical; Bridgeman used to be a musician himself. The core of the narrative is song — one stunning piece interwoven into the next, almost like melodic page-turning." Jasmine Garsd

Boomwhackers WORKSHOP

Boomwhakers are one of our newest service. Either harmonic or percussive the best way to finish in great style and high energy at the eding of your conference day! 

I can do it,...

Over 800 young pupil from Batley Girls High School, Batley took part in a team building activity by Drumming 4 Business led by the Bahian musician Claudio kron do BRAZIL. This is a great  way to bring people together to reach a common goal where you will be able to watch the team efforts using a vast range of Brazilian percussion.  Everybody gets a drum!!! Everybody having fun!!!... 

Run For Jo#

The sad news about the murdering of our local MP Jo Cox have brought our community together and on the 25 June at Oakwell hall, Birstall over 500 hundred people including our great supporter Eddie Izzard took part in the 6K run that was also supported by us! Drumming 4 Business proving the carnival atmosphere led by claudio kron Thank you to Penelope North, Julie M Smith and Kim Leadbeater ( Jo Cox ) sister.

Releasing turtles at Womad, Fuerteventura

The singer and songwriter Flavia Coelho and the claudio kron both Brazilian are releasing turtles into the Canary island sea as part of the conservation projects created by Womad.

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