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Womad, World of Music and Dance

25 to 28 July 2019 in Chalton Park, UK

Headlines Ziggy Marley, Salif, Keita, Anna Calvi, Bushy One String and many others.  With workshops in various cultural styles! Once again at the world Rhythms tent will be me on Sunday 28 July around 17:00 with an amazing arsenal of brazilian and african percussion for a great sound by us all!  Come and have a drumming good time...

If you have your own drum! wanting to bring it! feel free, welcome with a bang...

Drumming Percussion DEWSBURY

09 April to 25 June 2019

Alo, Hello and Welcome


Starting on 09 of April to 25 June DRUMMING PERCUSSION a 12 x weeks rhythms course at Elim Church, Dewsbury Town Centre WF 13 1LY.


09, 16, 23, 30 APRIL

07, 14, 21, 28 MAY

04, 11, 18, 25 JUNE 2019


There will be 2 x session every Tuesday day evening 1st group will start 18:00 to 19:00 with people aged 10 to 17 years old. The second group starts at 19:15 to 20:15 with people aged 18+.


Instruments will be provided, a selection of genuine afro-brazilian instruments: Timbau, surdos, caixa, repenique, tambourine, congas, berimbau, pandeiro, all djembe players and musicians are welcome.


In these 12 x weeks you will learn not only about rhythms but about the culture the histories that make Brazil. I will first learning rhythms from Bahia, Bahia was the first capital of Brasil before Rio de Janeiro and the creation of Brasilia ( Made up town EG: Milton Keynes)

Rhythms as Samba, Samba Reggae, Maculele, Funk, Afrobeat, Ijexa, Maracatu...etc


The classes will be run by the brazilian percussionist claudio kron do BRAZIL, Subsequantly we will be performing somewhere if everyone agrees...This is  the point of creating music.


20 Annees - Rencontre France Bresil de Capoeira – St Germain, France

25 justque 28 de Abril 2019

Organized my Mestre Banana, the event will bring best Capoeira Master from Brasil am the world. Including Mestre Sorriso, Mestre Tony Vargas, Mestre Ramos, Mestre Joel, Mestre Pedro, Mestre Nega, Steen, Torneiro, Mestre Sanhaco, etc…

Pandeiro & Percussion by: Claudio kron do BRAZIL



Mestre Banana

Encontro de Inverno 14-17 February Capoeira

Mestre Grilo Capoeira Winter

14 to 17 February 2019

Event organized by Mestre Grilo and alunos, Escola Senzala Pre-registration can be very helpful for the organisation of our event. Please let us know if you would like to join. For those traveling from abroad, sleeping places can be arranged (please bring your own matras and sleeping bag)(Bring your pandeiro for the pandeiro workshops)


Subscribe to our facebook-event: Encontro de Inverno 2019 – GriloCapoeira – Amsterdam Confirmed guests Mestre Sorriso – Grupo Senzala Mestre Samara – Grupo Senzala Mestre Rui – Grupo Senzala Mestre Requeijão – Biriba Brasil Mestre Pele – Grupo Senzala Mestre Timbalada – Grupo Senzala Mestre Pé de Vento – Biriba Brasil Mestre Barao – Association Barracao école Contramestre Sanhaço – Grupo Senzala Claudio Kron (pandeiro workshops) Noëlla Das (Afrobrazilian dance)


Program Thu February 14th, 19:30 – 22:00 Percussion class with Claudio Pandeiro, Capoeira training, opening Roda basisschool de Avonturijn, Rustenburgerstraat 236 Fri February 15th, 18:30 – 22:00 Capoeira Training All Levels Rosa Boekdrukkerschool, Vancouverstraat 3 Sat February 16th, 11.30 – 17:00 Capoeira, dance and percussion classes with mestres from Brazil and Europe. Kids training from 14.30 – 16.30 followed by Batizado. Sporthal Wethouder Verweij, Polderweg […]

Bahian Grooves at WOMAD 2017

Bahian Grooves at WOMAD 2017

Add Date here

Led by the Brazilian musician claudio kron, On Sun 30 June - 5pm-ish. This will be the final warm up for the famous WOMAD carnival procession alongside many other great artist from various nationality,... Bring your drum or get more information how at World Rhythms Tent.

Mestre Rui and Alunos - PRESENT


19, 20, 21 mAY 2017

Pandeiro Copenhagen - As part of mestre Rui e Alunos 

Kenneth James Higgins III & claudio kron do BRAZIL


Thursday 20 April @ 7 Arts

After outstanding popular demand, the unstoppable force of Kaleidoscope returns to Seven Arts. A unique and original blend of Brazilian, Jamaican and African roots music, funked up percussion and deeply hypnotic grooves. This is a unique collaboration between Leeds based Jamaican roots bassist Kenny Higgins and master percussionist, Claudio Kron do Brazil. Kenny uses electric bass, effects and real-time loops alongside Claudio taking up a vast range of traditional and recycled instruments, producing original rhythms influenced by the music of Brazil and Africa.

Kenny's stunning accuracy and vivid, soulful playing makes it no surprise that he has gained a reputation as one of the most inventive and sought after bass-players in the UK.

Claudio is an artist of international acclaim. With countless performances across many continents, his bold approach to percussion has turned heads for over 30 years. Employing traditional and recycled instruments, with rock solid rhythm, there is no percussionist quite like Claudio.

Their combined talents are something to behold. Prepare to be transported!

Capoeira, Musica e Danca, Festa

Capoeira Winter hosted by Mestre Grilo, Amsterdam

16, 17, 18, 19 Feb 2017

GriloCapoeira Winter Meeting 2017
Capoeira Event organized by Mestre Grilo, Escola

Capoeira mestres and teachers from Europe and Brasil will be teaching classes for all levels. Plus special dance- and music classes. Bring your instruments!

Pre-registration can be very helpful for the organisation of our event. Please let us know if you would like to join. For those traveling from abroad, sleeping places can be arranged (please bring your sleeping gear)

Confirmed special guests:

- mestre Pantera: (Cordão de Ouro)
- mestre Sorriso (Senzala) 
- mestre Rui: (Senzala) 
- mestre Requeijão: (Biriba Brasil)
- mestre Timbalada: (Senzala) 
- mestre Pé de Vento: Biriba Brasil)
- contra mestre Macumba: (Capoeira Reversão)
- Pandeiro Class with Claudio Kron


Seven Arts, Leeds

Wiyaala & claudio kron do BRAZIL

26 May 2017

Brazil Meets Africa is the brainchild of Claudio Kron, a celebrated Brazilian percussionist and veteran of festivals worldwide known for his charismatic stage performances. Sources report the two musicians are making magic in rehearsals with a powerful fusion combining Claudio’s Brazilian beats and rhythms with Wiyaala’s West African musical folk traditions.

It all goes down on Saturday 26th May at The 7 Arts, 31A Harrogate Road LS7 3PD Leeds 0113 262 6777 at 8pm.


Wiyaala is currently on tour in Europe with performances scheduled in Germany, Denmark and theWomad International Arts Festival in the United Kingdom

Music Dance Djs

Brazil Carnival in Manchester

20 Feb 2017

All over the world in Feb and March much of the world celebrates Carnival. The most famous being the Rio Carnival and Community Manchester brings you a taste of Carnival Brasil via master Brazilian percussionist Claudio Kron Do Brasil and his band Papajaca performing live featuring Brazilian Carnival queen Simone Reeves. The party also reunites DJs Irfan Rainy and Brazilian Dj Franco Ze who bring back their long running Brazilian party BALANÇO' ( meaning swing ) back to Manchester after a year 4 year hiatus. Their party ran weekly in the rainy city for 4 years and also ran monthly in London for 3 years. The pinnacle being a live performance by Brazilian superstar and actor from cult film City Of God SEU JORGE.

Expect many styles of Brazilian music vintage and new including Samba Batucada, Baile Funk, MPB, Forro, Samba Rock, Brazilian Hip Hop / Samba Reggae plus modern Brazilian beats.

Advance tickets costs £6 from Skiddle 

£8 on the door or £5 if you attend in full carnival costume. 

To begin Claudio will also teach his classic percussion techniques and also some samba & the rhyhtms of Bahia for those who want to perform in the carnival. Classes cost £10, run from 6-8pm and it's free entry to the party if you join the classes.

Rhythms of Bahia

Ijexa Barravento Alija

20 November 2016

Ijexa Barravento Aluja


AfroBrazilian workshops with Claudio kron do BRAZIL

Date : 20 November 2016

Venue: Blueberry Studios, Unit 11, Kirkstall Industrial Park, Leeds LS4 2AZ 

Times: First workshops: 14:00 Second workshop 15:20 Third workshop 16:40 finishes 17:40 (Wrap up and chat)

Value: One hour £10 x -  Two hours £15 – Three hours £20 - BOOKINGS on EVENTBRIGHT

Content: Ijexa, Barravento and Aluja are very important rhythms in Bahia cultura. The rhythms of Orixas most influencial in Brazil’s carnival.

Instruments: Congas, timbau, surdos, bells, agogo, repenique, xequere, and pandeiro: including Berimbau demo.

15 Places only – please bring your own instruments or inform us about your needs

All leves welcome.

About the workshops leader: Claudio kroon do BRAZIL Born and bred in the South of Bahia Brazil, Claudio has been a percussionist from a very early age. Claudio has travel the world promoting Brazil culture and traditions.

For more info:  07884122477

Mestre Laercio and claudio kron do BRAZIL


04, 05, 06 November 2016

AfroBrazilian drumming and dancing

With Mestre Laercio (Dance) & Claudio kron do BRAZIL (Percussion)


Womad is one of the greatest platform for world music on the planet are bring two Brazilians together to create a authentic Carnival atmosphere. The dancer Mestre Laercio based in Berlin and Claudio kroon do BRAZIL musician based in the UK. The artists will delivering a series of workshops, performances + a GRAND FINALE procession.  The artists are both from Bahia and live in Europe will be sharing over the week elements of Brazilian traditional culture in music and dance.  Not to be missed


Pandeiro TOUR


Pandeiro TOUR - Part of the 2016 Calender of event in England and abroad. Some of the events are part of Capoeira programm thoughout the world.   

Firm of poets

Firm of Poets

Wed 27 April 2016

Firm of POETSI Wakefield, The poets Kate Fox + Kirstry TaylorPlus live set from Claudio kron do BRAZILOpen mike poetry costing £5per 5 minutes slot.

Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Filhos de ANGOLA

13 -17 July 2016

GCFA ( Grupo de Capoeira Filhos de Angola )

Capoeira festival; offering you access to the world of Brazil most music and dance.



07 to 10 July 2016

Brazilian percussionist Claudio Kron makes a welcome return to Drum Camp teaching Pandeiro and performing with his band PapaJACA.

PapaJACA  release an exciting new album this year featuring amongst othes, the Cuban violinist Omar Puente. The band mixes Afro Brazilian traditional music with lots of other rhythms creating an interesting fusion of powerful vibrant sounds. The repertoire is usually in Portuguese with Yoruba and Capoeira elements.

Claudio is a virtuoso on the classic Brazilian frame drum the Pandeiro. This is his focus at this year’s Drum Camp

Pandeiro Amsterdam

Pandeiro workshops AMSTERDAM

Feb 2016

Capoeira winter Encontro hosted by mestre Flavio Grilo. 18 to 21 February 2016 in Amsterdam. The event brings special guest from Brazil and Europe including: Mestre Garrincha,Mestre Sorriso,Mestre Requeijao, Mestre Jorge,Pe de Vento, Mestre Joel many more. With Pandeiro ( Percussion ) workshops and performance by Claudio kron.

Grilo Capoeira

Capoeira Encontro AMSTERDAM

18 - 21 FEBRUARY 2016

Capoeira winter Encontro will be hosted by mestre Flavio Grilo from 18 to 21 February 2016 in Amsterdam. The event brings special guests from Brazil and Europe including: Mestre Garrincha,Mestre Sorriso,Mestre Requeijao, Mestre Jorge,Pe de Vento, Mestre Joel and many more. There will also be Pandeiro (percussion) workshops and a performance by Claudio kron.

Family Workshops

Workshop for FAMILY

12 March 2016

Using African instruments the Brazilian percussionist Claudio kron will provide a step by step guide to African rhythms played on djembes

papaJACA - Manchester 19 March 16

papaJACA - Manchester 19 March 16

19 March 2016

Location: Booth House, Featherstall Road Oldham OL9 7TQPapaJACA will be performing as part of the 20 year celebration of Capoeira Conviver which will be hosted by mestre Valdir da Silva and will feature special guest Capoeira masters and tutors from Brazil and Europe.The event occurs on the 17-20th March 2016. Guests will include mestre Sombra, mestre Sombrinha, Guery Mark (Tibirica), Vicky, Francis Joseph.Colin and many more. In addition to this there will be a PANDERIO WORKSHOP led by Claudio Kron which will take place on the 19th March 2016 at 2pm-3pm.On Saturday 19th March from 8pm onwards there will be an evening party at the WONDER INN, Manchester which will feature the band PapaJACA –Brazilian music with Claudio Kron plus Samba dancing with Simone Reeves +DJ.

Journey of Jazz

Jazz Journey

Saturday 27th February 2016 at 7pm

Kala Sangam Artists and Yorkshire Based Musicians

Ganges, Kala Sangam Arts Centre,

Bradford, BD1 4TY


Kala Sanagam presents a harmonic artistic collaboration between high-calibre musicians of different musical genres who will come together to celerbrate the ‘International Year of Global Understanding’. Artists will include Claudio Kron(percussion) and Vijay Venkat, Kala Sangam Musican in Residence (Violin).



18 March 2016 - 20:00

is an exciting collaboration between Kenny Higgins and Claudio Kron do Brazil. Leeds based Jamaican roots bassist Kenny records in real time using a loop pedal to create a unique variation of sounds. Claudio Kron is a percussionist from Brazil who utilises a vast range of organic and recycled instruments to produce original rhythms influenced by the traditional rhythms of Brazil and Africa. Together a culturally diverse and vividly exciting kaleidoscope of sound emerges. This show lives up to it’s name.

Tour d'France

Tour the France

Welcome to Yorkshire - Tour de FRANCE 


King of the Mountain - The sound track was specially recorded for the event.  The Musicain and producer Brian Moss from ( Vicious Pink and Drug FREE America ) Team up with the Brazilian Percsussionist claudio kron do BRAZIL (PHOTO) recored the music using bycicle parts as a percussion instrument to produce the music. Independetly recorded the music is available soon for your own enjoyment. Kings of the mountain video click to watch.



Add Date here

World of music and dance 24 to 26 July 2015 in CVhalton Park, Malmesbury. Featuring artist are Laura Mvula, Mahmoud Ahmed & Badume’s band, Tiken Jah Fakoly, De La Soul, Tinariwen, Bellowhead and much more,… Many workshops from cultures around the world. I’m Claudio Kron and  I will be representing Brazil.

Geraldine Connor Foundation


3 JULY 2015, 7.45PM

LEEDS GRAND THEATRE, LS1 6NUEdric Connor was a pioneer of Caribbean music in Britain in the 1950’s, collecting, cataloguing and recording the folk music of Trinidad, as well as being an acclaimed singer, broadcaster and actor in his own right. This concert features calypsos from his songbooks, performed by Nigel Wong and Simone Sauphanor, who both knew and worked with Connor. It then brings it all right up to date with the electrified beats of Trinidad’s most popular contemporary musical form, Soca, performed by Sheldon Blackman accompanied by hand-picked musicians including members of the legendary Breakfast Band, Dudley Nesbit, Claudio kron do BRAZIL.Visit the Howard Assembly Room website for more information and venue details.

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