Musician percussionist claudio kron do BRAZIL  based in United Kingdom, Yorkshire since 1996 When he arrived in the UK he has been full on working solid performing, composing, recording, workshopping, facilitating, creating videos, projects, companies and collaborating with the finest musicians and artists in this country (musicians from around the world).  


Based in Yorkshire/England he has thought and shared his vast knowledge of Brazilian rhythms to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, community centres across the country and beyond,…  Claudio is a very charismatic musician, band, groups and workshop leader with a miles stones of experience.  He will not only taking his set of authentic Brazilian Percussion also he will amazes you when play it all! Plus his berimbau one of his favourite instrument Brazil’s very popular grooves!

Claudio Kron has travel to four different continents promoting Brazilian culture spreading his passion to everyone he meets.  PAPAJACA is Claudio kron alter ego also the band name who are releasing the newest album in March 2018 in somewhere around the world.

We delivers powerful team building workshops with a Brazilian percussion as the vehicle of bringing everyone together in a common goal.


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Recontre Bresil - France de Capoeira
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Workshops in Dewsbury
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Jo COX WALK TRIBUTE in Batley Town hall to Rugby Stadium.  A 1000 children chanting, marching dancing to celebrate Jo Cox MP murdered in a very coward way


Album by the artist claudio kron do BRAZIL available in all digital platforms.



Amazing 3D Carnival head piece made from paper, glitter, glue, sequencing...Together with lots stories from Brasil