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 01 June 2020

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Festival de Inverno

13 - 16 FEB 2020


Hosted by

Mestre Grilo

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Oficinas de Percussao em Portugal


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Due to the COVID 19 I have transfer much of my teaching work to ONLINE platforms EG: ZOOM


Learn how to make recycling fun creating instruments, creatures and objects


Book our show with PAPAJACA or CLAUDIO KRON to bring the sounds of Brazil to your event


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Capoeira master from Pernanbuco, Brazil Joel Dias.  Annual Capoeira event with various masters from Brasil and Europe: Mestre Mourao, Mestre Mula, Mestre Grilo, Mestre Regis / Percussion (Pandeiro ) Master class led by claudio kron.

Fuerteventura/Canary Island

Womad Fuerteventura was the place to be in Grand Canary.  A weekend packed full with performers and workshops leaders from many different countries to present the community of Fuerteventure a taste of the best from around the world.


As part of the 20 years celebration of Mestre Rui Perreira, Capoeira master from Rio de Janeiro. The event in Copenhagen had the participation from Capoeira masters and players such as: Mestre Beto, Mestre Grilo, Mestre Soneca, Mestre Kuira Guerreiro, Mestre Arruda, Mestre Torneiro, Mestre Caracu. Percussion ( Pandeiro ) Workshop by Claudio kron.


In 2016 and 2017 I had super opportunity go travel to Sweden to be part of BRASSEVECKAN BRAZILIAN CULTURE FESTIVAL organized by Joel Ferreira.  The festival had many artists from Brazil also people from my local region in Brazil; Itacare, Itabuna, Salvador: Artists such as: Alba Cristina, Viny Brasil, Vitao, Marcio dos Santos, Geovani dos Santos, Simone Moreno, Capoeira players, Carrapicho, Nego Dao, Manso, Zauan, Sombra + dancers


International Capoeira event hosted by Mestre Laercio Borges (G.C.F.A) the event in Arne, Greece with capoeira masters from Bahia, Brazil EG: Lua Santanas, Gato Preto, Pesao and myself Claudio kron running the Brazilian percussion workshop ( Pandeiro)


Edinburgh Festival provided a great platform to ATRIBOMACACA;  Our brazilian music band based in West Yorkshire led by Miguel Migueis and Claudio Kron the band raised the roof with great funk and carnival like styles everybody danced and raved with the sounds of Brazil.


Performance/workshops at the Hilton Hotel as part of the LOVE FM promotion working with hundreds of delegates the event was a great success.


January 01, 2020

Corporate workshops and performance at The Juan Miro Auditorium in Barcelona alongside a fantastic team of dancers and percussionists: Eddie Sherwood, Gafro, Amanda Quigley plus.

Barcelona, Tarragona /Spain

Performance MPB Jobert Gaigher Brazilian pianist from Sao Paulo and the percussionist from Claudio kron creating powerful soft harmonies, melodies & rhythms. The Brazilian popular music show was a breath of fresh air for the Espana audience 


Brazilian Cultural Agenda, Itamarati in partnership with the Embassy of Brasil in Moscow was delighted to present the Brazilian musician Claudio kron to the community of Moscow the visit was the duration of ten days and I was based just opposite of the Kremilin to have access to all venue.  A series of workshops was provided and Moskow has showed me a great enthusiasm to learn element of my own culture our culture.

New Zealand

COMTEQ Computer’s, company based in Christchurch. The workshops had a lot of improvisation using recycled material and conventional Brazilian percussion instruments.  In Kaikora show  with Mostera two guys from Manchester and I on drum kit + Beach New years Eve Beach party in Stewart Island

Trinidad and Tobago

CHOGM, Commonwealth Head of the Government  Meeting.  Every two years the Chogm happen somewhere around the world, in 2009 it was in Trinidad and Tobago.  Commonwealth Resounds I was proudly invited by Purcell Music School, London. The commonwealth resounds brought peopl from 53 countries colonized by the United Kingdom together with one common goal.


Salon Du Chocolat performing alongside Marcelo Sanjuan Ganem, From Buerarema, Bahia, Brazil Marcelo has released 5 x albums he is the cream of the MPB ( Brazilian Popular Muisc) in the South of Bahia.  At Salon du Chocolat in Paris Marcelo launched his latest album CHOCOLATE. The show had the participation of the Jamaican/UK bass player Kenneth James Higgins + The Bahian percussionist Claudio kron do BRAZIL.


2005, 06, 07 08, 09, 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 2017.

Capoeira Winter Festival organized by Mestre Grilo. Since 2005 claudio kron runs Pandeiro workshops as part of the activities at the event were hundreds of students from all over Europe and beyond + masters from Brasil as Mestre Garrincha, Mestre Sorriso, Mestre Bruzzi, Mestre Grilo, Mestre  Rui (Shock), Mester Caracu, Mestre Joel Dias, Mestre Requeijao, Mestre Pe de Vento, Mestre Laercio, Mestre Bocao, Mestre Arruda, Mestre  Soneca, Mestre Samara and many more. Evening show with Jacare do Cavaco, Rodrigo do Accordeon, Edson Gomes.