Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Apresenta
Apresenta – the 4th album by Claudio kron where he shows the influence of African in Bahia/Brazil traditions featuring artist the musicologist Dr Geraldine Connor; recorded in Bradford at former IVOLVE and LOOM Studios


Kenneth Higgins - Bass / Geraldine Connor - Vocal / Irmao Pasarinho - Guitar, Violin / Redman - Djembe / Seckou Keita - Kora / Sergio Krakowski - Pandeiro / Fred Lira - Violao acoutic / Nik Svarc - Guitarra electrica / Carolina Owen - Violin - Chloe Bezar - Cello / Eddie Sherwood - Cuica / Andre Guzman - Bass / Solene Reis - Vocal / 
Pilar dos Santos - Vocal / Sam Pirt - Accordeon / Simon Pugsey - Trombone / Nadino do Acordeon - Acordeon

DJ Material

Claudio kron do BRAZIL – DJ Material
EP – Limited edition recorded in Yorkshire, The album was an exciting experience to experiment different from Brazil creating drum beats for DJ’s
All tracks recorded by: Claudio kron do BRAZIL

claudio kron do BRAZIL - Tum Tum Pa

Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Tum Tum Pa
Recorded in Brazil at MM studios
Directed by:  Zenon Moreira, Bahia born musician
Director: Zenon Moreira
All music by: Claudio kron do BRAZIL (Percussion & vocals)
Guitar/ Violin/ Bass: Irmao Passarinho
Drumkit: Rick Mattos
Sax: Sandro Lima
Trumpet: Paulo Mendes
Backing vocal: Sol Reis/ Rhian/ Zenon Moreira


The first band/project
Recoded our first album in 1999 UK
Claudio kron, percussion and vocals
Miguiel Migueis, Acoustic guitar, vocals
Jon Chamberlain – Bass and Electric guitar
Drumkit – Rick (Macao) Weedon
David Munhoz - Keyboards


A 26 piece community Brazilian percussion group led by Claudio kron do BRAZIL. The group first album titled B CREATIVE recorded in Beaumont Street Studios
Supported by the ART COUNCIL OF ENGLAND – AWARDS FOR ALL. Produced by Maria Bottomley

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