BRAZINDIAS is completion of songs from my childhood to the grooves I create today!  With various genres rhythms, melodies and lyrics in brazilian portuguese that embellishing  the world music formula. The music is very diverse rhythmically with traditional brazilian instruments embedded in african and indigenous roots.


PAPAJACA - BRAZINDIAS is the 5th album of the artist who with the core members of the band creates the vibrant and soulful music.  With bass power riffs from Kenneth James Higgins, Guitars from Craig Scott and Julian Socha. The album was recorded with the music producer Grant Henderson ( Loom Studios Yorkshire).   In these album I had the privilege to work and collaborate with the world class musician you will find in United Kingdom



Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Apresenta
Apresenta – the 4th album by Claudio kron where he shows the influence of African in Bahia/Brazil traditions featuring artist the musicologist Dr Geraldine Connor; recorded in Bradford at former IVOLVE and LOOM Studios


Kenneth Higgins - Bass / Geraldine Connor - Vocal / Irmao Pasarinho - Guitar, Violin / Redman - Djembe / Seckou Keita - Kora / Sergio Krakowski - Pandeiro / Fred Lira - Violao acoutic / Nik Svarc - Guitarra electrica / Carolina Owen - Violin - Chloe Bezar - Cello / Eddie Sherwood - Cuica / Andre Guzman - Bass / Solene Reis - Vocal / 
Pilar dos Santos - Vocal / Sam Pirt - Accordeon / Simon Pugsey - Trombone / Nadino do Acordeon - Acordeon

DJ Material

Claudio kron do BRAZIL – DJ Material
EP – Limited edition recorded in Yorkshire, The album was an exciting experience to experiment different from Brazil creating drum beats for DJ’s
All tracks recorded by: Claudio kron do BRAZIL

claudio kron do BRAZIL - Tum Tum Pa

Claudio kron do BRAZIL – Tum Tum Pa
Recorded in Brazil at MM studios
Directed by:  Zenon Moreira, Bahia born musician
Director: Zenon Moreira
All music by: Claudio kron do BRAZIL (Percussion & vocals)
Guitar/ Violin/ Bass: Irmao Passarinho
Drumkit: Rick Mattos
Sax: Sandro Lima
Trumpet: Paulo Mendes
Backing vocal: Sol Reis/ Rhian/ Zenon Moreira


The first band/project
Recoded our first album in 1999 UK
Claudio kron, percussion and vocals
Miguiel Migueis, Acoustic guitar, vocals
Jon Chamberlain – Bass and Electric guitar
Drumkit – Rick (Macao) Weedon
David Munhoz - Keyboards


A 26 piece community Brazilian percussion group led by Claudio kron do BRAZIL. The group first album titled B CREATIVE recorded in Beaumont Street Studios
Supported by the ART COUNCIL OF ENGLAND – AWARDS FOR ALL. Produced by Maria Bottomley

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