10 Frequent asked questions by claudio kron


What do we offer?

We offer workshops and performances for educational purposes in schools, colleges and universities.  We also provide workshops and performances for team building, conferences, fundraisers, company gatherings, festivals and community projects.


Can we offer more other then drumming workshops?

Yes! Brazilian percussion is the most popular activity that we provide, however, with our great team of professionals we are also able to offer: drumming workshops and performances from other cultures eg: Africa, Cuba, Caribbean .We can facilitate Samba dance workshops, costume making, carnival giant puppets etc. Just let us know what your needs are and we can discuss possibilities.



How many workshops do we do in a day?

The amount of workshops that can be done in a day is dependent on logistics of time, space and the amount of participants. Speak to us we have a lot of instruments and a variety of workshops can run simultaneously if there is space.



How many instruments are available?

In house we hold enough drums for a group of 250 people drumming together. We are able to source more instruments if necessary.



How many children in each group?

This is negotiable, but usually up to 30 in each group with 3 to 4 x workshops a day.



Do we do long term projects?




Do we sell drums?

Yes we sell drums and we are also able to recommend retail outlets. We are sometimes able to repair drums.



Are workshops available to all?

Yes!  All ages and abilities are able to participate, however, please inform us if there are specific needs to consider.



Do we work with staff and children simultaneously?

Yes!  We encourage optimum participation for all and we even offer family workshops and call it Brazilian Day.



Can we perform our show outside school?

Yes! We have been part of local galas, festivals, melas, school fund raising BBQs etc.



Is it possible to document and video the whole experience?

Yes. It is possible to document the event, but this must be done in line with school or company policies regarding safeguarding and the photographing of children. We are able to provide photographers and film makers