1- Who is PAPAJACA?
PAPAJACA is a world music fusion band led by the Brazilian musician based in United
Kingdom Claudio kron do BRAZIL (www.papajaca.com) We play a great variety of
Brazilian grooves fused with anything that sounds right! WE use Afro Brazilian rhythms as
the backbone of the music then adding layer of intricate sounds to make you watch, dance,

2 - Where do you perform?
We perform all over in UK and abroad in festival, events, products lounge, galas, melas

3 - Do you only perform full band?
No, we would like it! But depending on the budget and venue sizes. The core band is 5 x
members, we also dawn size or up size the group depending on the party/event). We feature
many other instrumentalists in our show

4 - Do you run workshops?
Yes, we do run Brazilian percussion workshops. We also have our own equipment (Capacity
of 200+ instruments to provide)

5 - How to book it?
Just send us an email with details of your event EG: Date, times, location! We also
appreciate a phone call first for an introduction

6 – What’s is your line up?

Guitars, bass, drum kit, percussion, vocals. Then we can add instruments as: Keyborads,
trumpet, trombone, violin, cellos, dulcimer

7 - Have you got album?

Yes! 3 x albums; 1 st TUM TUM PA / 2 nd APRESENTA / 3 rd BRAZINDIAS

8 - Where are you based?

Yorkshire and travel all over the country and abroad

9 - Do you collaborate?

Yes we do! We collaborate and other artistes collaborate with us!



10 - Any highlight in your lives as a band?

Every venue brings something different! But we have enjoyed ourselves either in a small or
big event. 200 hundreds years abolition of slavery trade in Ghana great memories.