Papa Jaca is a region in the south of Bahia covering a few villages and towns.

Itabuna is the main city in the South of Bahia. We have lots of farming land and .Jaca or Jack fruit grows in abundance, hence the name Papa Jaca . We have  a sweet rivalry with the famous town  of Ilheus which lies nearby.  Ilheus is a seaside, tourist resort  which is close to the mangrove swamps so we call the people from there  Papa Caranguejo meaning Papa Crab .  Calling someone Papa Jaca or Papa Carangueijo is a way of starting banter and taking the mickey out of each other as we like to do in Bahia. 

The Papa Jaca region is a place that has given birth to a  wealth of creativity. Here are few of the artists with whom I have collaborated,  recorded and performed with. People who are and who have been part of my journey and to whom I thank for all they have taught me. AXE.

Alba Cristina Soares

Ialorixa AKA Mae Darabi is an actress and a  poet  who has worked in television and theatre throughout Brazil. Alba has also participated  in festivals in Sweden, Germany and Portugal.

Mestre Sabara

Adalmiro Leoncio da Silva, Mestre Sabara is a  living legend, a drum kit player and teacher of exceptional expertise. Mestre Sabara has music students in almost every corner of the globe and  I myself am very proud to call myself one of them.

Ramon Vane

 Actor, poet, painter, dancer, producer and lawyer to name but a few of his occupations,  Ramon  made a name in films which were shown  at the  Cannes Film  Festival, France. Ramon was a very  popular face in the cultural scene in Brazil. He is sadly missed.  R.I.P.Brother

Adilson Nascimento

 Adilson is  one of the most adventurous musicians from my circuit of friends . Together we began a musical oddessey  which has since taken us on very different paths.  We collaborated  in Sao Paulo and  in Curitiba in the South of Brazil.  Adilson spent time living in Switzerland, but is at present working in Sao Paulo playing his guitar in his own special charming fashion.

Pingo Grapiuna

Guitar player Pingo Grapiuna was born in Itabuna  and  participated in many festivals in Bahia. Today Pingo is based in Assores in Portugal. Terravista Festival award winner.

Thiago Nogueira

As a student of Mestre Sabara,  Thiago Noguera is a household name in the scene of Axe music and Heavy Rock in Bahia. This man can play anything! Thiago has previously worked  with the likes of Margarete Menezes, Daniela Mercury at  present  he is working with Bad Marilia.

Ronara Criola

Is a singer song writter from Itabuna Bahia,  Her music has great connections to the afro culture of Brazil.  Recording her first album at the moment! She can’t wait to put her feet in Europe and her voice in your ears.

Afra Nascimento

Keyboard player, guitarist and singer Afra Nascimento is from Itabuna, but is now  based in Portugal.  Afra has two records under his name and performs regularly throughout Portugal.

Carlos Shintomi

Musician, filmmaker and Beatles fan.  Carlos has created some great music and he is part of film production in Itabuna town.


Aka Jose Henrique Guimaraes is a percussionist, composer, singer and producer Zenrique was one of the founders of ENERGIA AZUL. With his album number 4 Zenrique also was the brain behind Terravista Festival.

Zenon Moreira

With his silky voice Zenon enchants listeners with his songs and  guitar playing. As a  philosopher and composer  Zenon is inspired by nature to create an essence of  beauty and  truth in his poetry. Terravista Festival award winner.

Marcelo Ganem

MG  travels the world  to perform his version of  Brazilian popular music and has featured at numerous festivals in places as diverse as  Argentina , Switzerland and Portugal. I was honoured to accompany him in his show at the  Paris Salon du Chocolate along with my great friend Kenneth James Higgins.

Joao Veloso

Aka Puma Shauan, Joao Veloso was one of a kind. A  philosopher , poet, amazing flute player and composer, Joao  was also an excellent guitarist.  Joao recognised the importance  and the beauty of the  native flora and fauna ,he was a true ecowarrior in his quest to protect the environment. R.I.P to a truely inspirational friend.


Is a  mixed group of very enthusiastic percussionists  who use both manufactured percussion and recycled  self made instruments.   The group is led Ednaldo Franca who does a great job to keep  young people interested  and enthusiastic to create a collaborative sound.

Selma Aguiar

Selma is an acoustic guitar player and singer song writer who is  from the Papa Jaca region. Presently  in Argentina  completing a Masters degree  in Afro Cultures Selma is also recording an amazing album which will feature her whole family.


Singer, guitar player and composer Marcionilio was one of the first musicians from Itabuna who hit the road. With the hit single TAXI played in all FM and AM Radio in Bahia, Brazil before we have internet. Based in Argentina.

Afra Nascimento

Keyboard player, guitarist and singer Afra Nascimento is from Itabuna, but is now  based in Portugal.  Afra has two records under his name and performs regularly throughout Portugal.

Nonato Teles

Born in Itabuna Bahia Nonato come from great family of artists including Alobened and  Marcionilio his father Romilton Teles is an active poet. The music played by Nonato is very vibrant and groovefull.

Samile Dias

Is a dancer choreographer, producer from Itabuna, founder of Tribe Fusion Itabuna, Lives in Itacare where she runs regular dance classes.  She’s also an amazing costume designer.


Is a fanfarra college band with over 100 members.  The band from play’s a variety of music. With a transition from martial music to fanfarra the band is the number one call to perform for the independence of Brazil.