Rhythms of the BUSKING STREETS

Since the tenth century busking has been a big part of our culture in all walks of life in many

corners of the world. Busking has played a very important role in our lives enriching the

society we live, visiting or touring.

Busking is a way to bring cultures and arts to the streets giving to people in some cases

access if you never had the opportunity to go to theatres or festivals the chance to

experience and watch.


Busking is the art of embellishing the city centre with positive vibes with different types of

entertainment. There are many different types of buskers: Musicians, circus artists,

dancers, magicians, escapologists, poets, acrobatics.


Take lots of courage to someone stand on the streets in front of some complete

Stranger’s and belts out their artistic skills, talents or creativity.  Some artists go to the

streets only for the love of art, some goes as a way to make ends meet, other go to practice

and develop the acts, and some musicians will use it as a pass time.


Busking is a very great skill beyond of been an artiste or else!  It’s take lots of confidence to

do so.  In many situations the money is just a way for people to show their appreciation, with

gratitude and retribution in various way’s as: Money, food, drink’s, gifts etc… Or just give

the busker a smile of reassurance and they will sound much better.


Commissioned by Ghanean embassy by the ambassador Luis Fernando Sierra, I proposed to create a Samba Band in Ghana to welcome the Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva who was visiting the country for the first time.  After 6 x weeks of travelling up and down the country visiting from Ghana University, Ghana Institute of Languages, Tabon People of James Town in Accra, Baobab Children Foundation in Kissi, Obonu Royal drummers of Krokobite, Happy Days Academy + many other participants Tabon King, Mustapha Tetty Addy, Zagba Oyortey, dancing leaders, costume makers etc,… DRUMMING 4 BUSINESS donated over 130 brazilian percussion instruments to the project.


Is one of the most undervalued instruments in the world. In the english speaking countries it’s called a tambourine - Tambour (Drum) and Rine (small) TAMBOURINE = Small drum. Using the brazilian technique you will make it sounding like as full drum kit however it’s just played with the palm of your hand. Since Jackson do Pandeiro one of the first people in Brazil who made the instrument popular it has evolved into something extraordinaire. Percussionists pandeiro players as Marcos Suzano, Sergio Krakowski, Due Guello have take it to another level!  Slowly slowly we are breaking the stigma and tabu of the Triangle and Tambourine. Triangle and tambourine is the audition instruments to play afro brazilian music if you can’t play then we have plenty other people who play the other ones,....


Aluja, Barravento and Ijexa are rhythms that forms the base of Samba in Brazil. The rhythms come from african the home of our heritage culture and traditions. From the slaves houses called SENZALAS to the stages around the world. Samba is rooted rhythms and linked with the Orixas that is the gods and goddesses of african religion.  Aluja, Barravento and Ijexa are rhythms that has a great connection with the samba music you listen today!!!!  Rhythms of Bahia is a way to keep this culture alive giving people a more honest information about our history, our people, our lives .  Rhythms of Bahia has a great potential to get the peeps interested in my culture more depth to it! Beyond the glitter,.....

LPO – Leeds Percussion Orquestra

Over 100 people got the brazilian drumming fever!  LPO was a 8 x weeks brazilian percussion rhythms studies directed by claudio kron do BRAZIL, the project was supported by percussionists Ianto Thornber (R.I.P.), Richard Sliwa (R.I.P), Lamin Jassey, Danny Templeman, Richard Weedom, Stephen Halliwell.  We had our first show at the Millenium Square/Leeds, and the second show at Briggate Road/Leeds. With great media support coverage in newspapers and local TV.


Impromptus I met a guy at train station in Leeds who got very interested about my work. Then he got in touch and invited for a meeting wanting something new so we created CALDERHYTHMS in Brighouse the band created and performed music by the guidance of claudio kron. The project was fire started by the composer and producer Tim Fleming (Whitewood and Fleming).


I always has been pasionated by all types and styles of music as a percussionist I had the opportunity to supported musicians who plays all sorts of music so I have to adapt the styles to match their cultures.  This has helped me stretching my mind as I always like the sounds of everything.  “It’s kind of bringing the world together via the sounds”  In my early years I loved heavy rock and still.  Rock is the gate to learn to speak and listen to foreign languages to me. When I couldn’t understand any word of it I had piles of super band as: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, Celtic Frost, Venom, Destruction to mention a few.  I even organized an event in Brazil called “THE NIGHT OF HEAVY METAL” at Centro Cultural de Itabuna.  My dad was there shock!  So the HEAVY ROCK PROJECT was recorded 2x songs with collaborated with PAPAJACA BAND, recorded at Loom Studios produced by Grant Henderson.


Lucidez with video on YOUTUBE ( just type Claudio kron / lucidez)

Creatures ( Video on the production to be release by SHOVE UP YOUR CULTURE


Over 200 hundreds students from Dewsbury school year 5 and 6 took part in the amazing Dewsbury de Janeiro production. 06 x schools plus 01x community centre in Dewsbury studied elements of Brazilian culture for 6 x weeks with Claudio kron and dancer special guest teacher Tanya Cusan (Colombia). After all the preps all the school got together at Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury to celebrate their achievements with decor, bunching, colourful outfits and lots of energy the group vow the biggest multicultural crowd that Dewsbury ever had in an event like this.  Special guest artists from Brazil and UK made a lovely appearances to contribute to the success of the project EG: Combat samba drumming group/Newcastle, Pete White (Comedy) Pilar dos Santos, Tanya Cusan and many more. The event was supported by Art Council of England, Awards for All, Sainsbury’s, Kirklees, Dewsbury partnership. Produced by Maria Ineson and Lucy Rebbeka and directed by Claudio kron

BRAZILOCA - Percussion street group

An average up to 25 wonnabe percussionists met together every Tuesday for 4 and half years some which already had great natural music skills + others who needed a bit of TLDC (Tender loving drumming care).  Braziloca, Percussion street group led by the percussionist from Bahia Claudio kron. Braziloca celebrated their 10th years was found and directed by Claudio. The group start playing around the city in many different festival, melas and galas then branched out to perform in festivals and events such as Millennium Dome, London - Musicport International Music festival, Whitby + Many others. The group recorded an album called B Creative at Beaumont Studios in Huddersfield with very good reviews at the time. Supported by Art Council of England, Kirkless + Local businesses 

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